Artist: BBW Show "Whipped Cream"
City: Any city
Type: Original genre

The age of skinny models and the 90/60/90 standard is becoming a thing of the past; curvy figures are in fashion today! A person’s weight and appearance do not always affect his ability to move easily and gracefully to the beat of music.


The BBW show “Whipped Cream” breaks stereotypes! These fiery, cheerful and bright girls will give anyone a head start. And any girl will envy their acting skills, sense of humor and ability to behave in public.

The only fat show in Omsk, “Whipped Cream,” will not leave any guest indifferent at your holiday. Their performances amaze with their fervor and energy.

Don’t torture yourself with grueling diets and excessive exercises, get rid of your complexes by watching an incendiary performance of cheerful and exciting fatties! Their performance inspires self-improvement and instills love for oneself and one’s body much more than unnecessary diets.

Charming fatties will literally fill the space with a cheerful mood and create a festive atmosphere!