A business breakfast is an event that entrepreneurs hold for their business partners. As a rule, these events actually take place in the morning, until 12 noon. It takes about one and a half hours. They discuss company goals, news, and agree on negotiations.

Goals of organizing a business breakfast

  1. A business breakfast helps save guests time, as it is specially designed for quick presentations and discussions. It is held in the morning so that guests do not change their plans and go on business after the event;
  2. Quickly talk about the company, goals, present a big event;
  3. Chat with similar businessmen, find clients or partners;
  4. Discuss issues of concern.

We can organize any type of business breakfast for you.
Moreover, we can organize a business breakfast in the most unusual place, for example, on the street, in a loft or in your office.
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    We have been creating events of any type for you for 10 years!

  • Transparency
  • We do not force unnecessary services on you. You always know what you pay for

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  • We will be happy to advise you on how and where you can save money without harm when organizing an event.

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    We will create an event for any number of people. We are not afraid of large-scale events. We take on any job

What does the Business Breakfast include?

Gathering of event participants

It usually lasts no more than 15 minutes. This is the optimal time because the entire event does not last long. The meeting is needed to check the guests with the list of invitees and so that everyone has time to find their place. The organizer greets the guests.


The host greets the guests and tells how this business breakfast will take place. Announces the topic, answers questions and introduces the speaker.


Substantive presentations by speakers. All of them should last no more than 30 - 40 minutes. The event itself is short-lived and it is better not to prolong the presentation.

Answers on questions

After the speakers speak, it is important to give guests some time to think about the information received, and then give the opportunity to ask all the speakers questions.


The presenter summarizes everything that has been said. This doesn’t have to last long, it’s just important to sum it up and end breakfast on a light positive note.

Where can I order a Business Breakfast?

There are really many places where you can comfortably have business breakfasts:

  • Cafes/restaurants
  • Own office
  • Conference hall
  • Outdoors
  • Non-standard place: ship, roof of a building, etc.

Stages of preparing a Business Breakfast

In order to organize a successful business breakfast, we have several polished and mandatory steps. We always create good events because we know what we are doing.

Search for premises

We select it specifically for the number of guests. Everyone should feel comfortable and cozy, there should be enough space for everyone and most importantly: all people should see what is happening on stage!


We will bring everything you need. We'll create a stage, connect a projector, a large screen, check the sound quality and run your presentations to make sure everything works.


We will decorate the room in your corporate colors, hang balloons or other interior decorations. We will arrange the tables and chairs so that everyone can see what is happening on stage, but at the same time no one will disturb anyone.

We hire people

Host, waiters, hostesses. We tell them how to behave and what to do in case of force majeure.


We negotiate with restaurants or catering if you decide to hold an event outside the cafe.

Examples of events carried out

Russian-Kazakh Forum
Russian-Kazakh Forum
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Annual Conference
Annual Conference
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Business Forum
Business Forum
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What formats of Business Breakfast are there?

  • Closed
They may be attended by people who directly received an invitation from you. By mail, in person or by mail.

  • Open
Everyone comes to them. In order for as many people as possible to come to you, you can run advertising on social networks to your target audience.
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