What is a Zoom party and how does it work?

An online party sounds unusual. In fact, Zoom parties have begun to gain popularity because they are as fun as offline parties and corporate events.  

We will create a whole website and several rooms of interests in Zoom for you, provide presenters, a program, and prepare prizes and gifts! Chatting via video with colleagues, especially if you communicate online only on work calls, is interesting and unusual.  

Online corporate event formats

  The Zoom party can be whatever you want it to be! We can also tell you about the most popular formats for online corporate events:

  • Master classes

You will need to choose what you want to create: paint a landscape, create an epoxy resin plate, learn to finger knit. Anything! We will provide you with specialists and the necessary tools

  • Online awards ceremony

An excellent occasion to celebrate the achievements and breakthroughs of all employees, thank them for their good work and give small gifts.

  • Talent show

Every employee should demonstrate their hidden (or not so hidden) talent on Zoom! The main rule: don't be shy. Prizes will, of course, be awarded for the coolest, most unusual, ridiculous talent!

Advantages of an online corporate event

  • This is for everyone! Workers from other cities, busy with household chores or sick. Everyone can join.  

  • A comfortable home environment will create an atmosphere of coziness and employees will feel less discomfort

  • You can invite any number of people to the event

Advantages of an online corporate event in Zoom

  • The price of
    an online event is cheaper because it does not imply renting premises, catering, dress code, etc. Especially on New Year's Eve;

  • Mobile
    You can easily invite employees who work from anywhere in the world to a corporate event;

  • Original
    This type of event always seems unusual and arouses interest because it is not yet widespread. But we have already learned how to conduct it in such a way that everyone will be delighted:

  • New sensations
    An interesting activity at an online corporate event will give employees new emotions and motivate them to work successfully;

  • Leisure
    Corporate is the event that everyone is looking forward to, to unwind with colleagues, relax and have a good time.

To organize a party, our event agency has everything you need:

  • Technical support
  • Equipment studio
  • Personnel from various industries, depending on the format of the party (Cooks, Artists, Yoga Instructors, bartenders, DJs, etc.)
  • Knowledge and skills of conducting events online.

Contact us and we will tell you in more detail about possible formats for organizing your online event!

  • It is safe

  • New experience

  • An online party is created in a few days

  • It can be transferred to another number without loss

  • Saving money

Options for online corporate events

Culinary fights

Virtual events where participants compete in cooking various dishes. Employees will receive all the necessary products and a link to a private video chat. You can divide the participants into teams or organize an individual duel, where everyone is “for himself”. And after cooking, have dinner with colleagues. Naturally, also online.

Art parties

An event for art lovers in which participants create a painting under the guidance of a professional artist. Each employee gets the opportunity to escape from the daily routine, relax and unleash their creative potential. We send everything necessary to the participants in advance: no one will have to look for brushes, paints and canvas.

IQ games

Intellectual entertainment for those who like to rack their brains. There are many options for organizing: a quiz, a quiz, a brain ring, a stylized show based on famous TV shows, etc. Solving puzzles together helps to unite the team, and the corporate event itself is guaranteed to be fun.

Yoga classes

The event will allow employees who have been working remotely to warm up. They will receive gym mats delivered and then practice yoga for an hour. Such pastime improves mood and concentration, and also reduces stress levels. Sports are beneficial for everyone: they can improve the overall quality of work and reduce the number of sick days in the team.

Parties with bar and DJ

An online party allows you to have fun like at a real party, but without leaving home. Participants can participate in games and competitions, watch virtual shows and movies, and, of course, actively communicate with each other. For the latter, themed chat rooms may be provided. The event is fun, convenient and safe. The online format allows you to avoid serious conflicts between participants, and preparation for the holiday will not require large material costs.

New Year's online corporate party

The New Year holiday season can be opened with a corporate party in a new format. The event takes place in the form of a virtual party with games and competitions. Among the most popular entertainment are quizzes (for example, on knowledge of New Year's traditions) and dance or music battles. And of course, karaoke. Such a holiday can be held either without a specific concept or built around a specific idea. For example, organize a remote quest to find gifts.

Master classes

This format combines educational and entertaining concepts of the event. Employees will learn a lot of new things, improve non-obvious skills, and develop creative abilities. Participants will receive everything they need to conduct the master class by delivery. Their main task is to connect to the broadcast on time.

Digital board games

Online games don't necessarily have to be about getting participants to think actively. There are many sites through which you can play with colleagues, for example, “Mafia”, “Munchkin” and others. If the chosen game is well known to everyone and is really popular among employees, time will fly by.
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