Organization of a corporate party on February 23

February 23 is an occasion to congratulate people who served in the army and get together for a fun corporate event. We have selected several ideas on how to hold it in such a way that the event will be remembered for a long time.

We will help you organize a fun holiday offline or online format! We can host a party for any number of people.


  • Individual development of scenario and concept;

  • Wide selection of artists and stage groups;

  • Turnkey site design.

Ideas for celebrating February 23

In the office

A classic option for a corporate event. Set the table or order catering. There is a lot of entertainment in the office: board games, competitions, watching something on TV together. The main thing is the atmosphere in the team.

In the cafe

A good option to have a good and interesting time. Rent a cafe for a few hours, organize competitions with gifts, invite presenter, which will not let you get bored. This is a popular option for corporate events.

Art party

Everyone rests their souls on them. Art relaxes, so this way of celebrating is becoming popular. At art parties, as a rule, paintings are painted. Even if you have no experience or have never held a brush in your hands. Our masters will teach you!

Master Class

You can choose any master class for men! Everyone can learn how to cook steaks, create strong cocktails or shoot a bow together! Now it’s not a problem to start learning something new and interesting.

Examples of events carried out

Defender of the Fatherland Day
Defender of the Fatherland Day
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Corporate "Ericsson" and "Tele2 planning center"
Corporate "Ericsson" and "Tele2 planning center"
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ITSC, Team building
ITSC, Team building
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What gifts can you give men on February 23?

Sometimes it is very difficult for men to find a good gift. They are all so different, each has their own interests and hobbies, how can you choose one without making a mistake?
  • Diaries
Leather, beautiful, with a lot of pages. This is a pleasant and useful gift: it can be used for work and personal matters. They look stylish, help with work and are needed by everyone.

  • Flash drives
In the form of your favorite movie characters or favorite animals, funny inscriptions associated with a person, and so on. This is a useful gift that will stay with a colleague for a long time and will give pleasant memories of work and the team as a whole.

  •  Power Bank
Great gift! Everyone needs portable batteries, you never know what situation may arise in life. You can choose a gift with an original print or color, order funny inscriptions from a printing house, or give stickers along with a power bank! Men will stick them on themselves as they like. This will allow you to show your creativity and make gifts unique.

  •  Mugs
Association circles with each individual person. You can drink them in the office, or you can take them home. It’s useful, practical, and every time they see your gift, your colleagues will remember you with a smile!

  •  Cake
Big, tasty, curly! Now you can order a cake with any filling and any shape. You can even put any image on it. Choose the best cake and give it to men! A fun tea party is guaranteed.
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