Organizing an online conference

Online conferences are relevant in our time. To participate in such events, you only need a laptop or phone with Internet access.

Online conferences are suitable for everyone: you can organize business negotiations, meetings for a wide range of people, narrowly targeted broadcasts, and so on. 

It's convenient, safe and saves a lot of resources. 

You can even organize big holidays, corporate events and team building events online. This is a new format for developing events.

  • You can invite an unlimited number of people to the online broadcast;

  • Creating such an event is much cheaper than any offline event;

  • It's safe, you avoid crowds of large numbers of people;

  • In case of force majeure, it can be canceled without major losses.

How we conduct turnkey online conferences

Website creation

It contains all the information necessary for the conference. Names and photographs of speakers, event plan with exact time, links to social networks, and so on.

Mailing list

We are launching an E-mail newsletter for all participants who register through the site. Mailings are configured so that letters with reminders about the event will arrive a day, an hour and 10 minutes before the start.

Let's talk about you

We advertise your online event among the target audience on social networks


We are creating a page on which we will broadcast live. There is a chat, navigation (if you have a multi-zone broadcast), information about all speakers, and so on.

Help with remote speakers

We advise everyone, help them find the optimal angle, and accompany everyone during the start of the broadcast and performances.


We rent the venue for the event. This could be a special studio or a huge hall. We bring the necessary equipment, light, sound. We check the correct operation. Setting up the broadcast.


We are recording throughout the entire event. At the end you get the full recording.

Examples of events carried out

PR event Smart kitchen
PR event Smart kitchen
More details
Annual Conference
Annual Conference
More details

Scenario for holding an online conference

1. Start of the event
Opening of the event, greeting, a few words about how it will take place.

2. Presentation
The presenter talks about the first speaker.

3. Performance
Each invited guest makes presentations on his own topic.

4. Questions
After all presentations have concluded, there is time to ask questions to all speakers.
Photo and video

What platforms do we use for broadcasting?

Functionality and capabilities of various services

We can hold online conferences both on social networks and on various video hosting sites: Zoom, YouTube, VK, Google Meet, Proficonf, Boomstream and others. The choice of a specific site depends on the necessary tools and goals of the event. For example, Google Meet allows you to conduct video and audio conferences, share your computer or phone screen, set system and custom backgrounds, and much more. And in the paid version of Zoom, you can invite up to 300 participants and 1000 viewers.

Advanced online conferencing capabilities

The functionality of some platforms goes beyond regular video conferencing and offers expanded event formats: gamification, interactive features, and so on. All this ensures the comfort of speakers, engages the audience and emphasizes the company’s image. In addition, you can choose the option of broadcasting on several platforms: on social networks and instant messengers, on a streaming channel and on the company website.
Our principles
We value sincerity in everything we do and strive to establish trusting relationships with clients. Following high moral and ethical standards, we openly discuss our opportunities and offer transparent prices and conditions.
Our company is looking for creative ways to organize events and uses new technologies, including in conducting online events and selecting visual effects. We think creatively and strive to exceed our clients' expectations to make every event unique.
We understand that details are of utmost importance in business and corporate events. Therefore, we pay special attention to organizational and technical aspects, from timing to collecting feedback. Our goal is to provide impeccable quality events to ensure guests' satisfaction.
Our company prides itself on its ability to bring clients' ideas to life. We understand the importance of meeting obligations, so we complete all tasks on time. Our approach and team organization guarantee that events are carried out strictly in accordance with the intended goals.
Our team consists of professionals with more than 10 years of experience and knowledge in the event field. Our commitment to excellence helps us achieve high results in providing various services for business events and event marketing.