What are Online Team Buildings?

These are team-building adventures that are not limited to any one specific platform, but take place remotely across the entire Internet or on a specialized Internet platform!

Employees will not have to leave the room, but at the same time they will be able to go anywhere. By teaming up in groups with colleagues, all participants will be able to pass a series of tests that will help develop new skills as a team and solve the following problems:

  • Unity, mutual assistance,
  • Skill to work in team,
  • Logic, development of thinking,
  • Manifestation of individual qualities,
  • Resourcefulness, increased motivation.

We learned to conduct online team building not only because of the situation in the world, but also because remote team building is new emotions and experience!

This type of event brings together and builds team spirit and corporate spirit, helps you get out of your comfort zone and take a fresh look at the team!

Benefits of online team building

Events for rapprochement can be alternated. One season you can spend team building in nature, and the next you can get in touch from your cozy apartments!

  • Savings
    The online format saves money on organization. Banquets, premises and transfers are not needed for remote work. It also saves time and effort.

  • Speed
    ​​Online team building can be organized in a few days. And just as quickly and without loss, transfer it to another day.

  • Flexibility
    You can get in touch from your phone or laptop. From anywhere - from a summer house or a cozy bed. The main thing is the Internet

  • No Worries
    No dress code, which means no need to spend money on outfits.

  • Safety
    Due to the situation in the world, online team building is the best solution for team bonding without the risk of infection.

  • Schedule
    You can take part in team building without disrupting your work schedule. This is convenient and important for large companies.

  • Number of participants
    You can hold an event online for any number of people.

  • Increases efficiency
    After team building, employees will be motivated and begin to work with renewed vigor.

  • No hassle
    We take care of everything, we will do everything as you want!

What problems does team building solve?

Team unity is the main task of such an event. The success of a business depends on the atmosphere in the team, and organizing team building once a season will help maintain a favorable atmosphere between employees.

  • Discovering new talents

In any case, team building is a way out of your comfort zone. In such conditions, you can see yourself and your colleagues from the other side and consider something new in everyone

  • Unity

In a favorable atmosphere it is easier to become friends. Employees will not be nervous about tasks and deadlines and will communicate with each other on abstract topics. This will help you make friends.

  • No embarrassment

Everyone will understand that in front of them are people whom they can turn to for help and approach with questions.

  • Adaptation

will help new employees quickly get used to the team and find friends.

  • Setting up

Communication in a team. It is easier for people to communicate with each other.

How to organize team building online

  • Think over the concept of the event

  • Determine the topic, write an event script

  • Select the necessary platform for an online meeting

  • Prepare invitations

  • Do a test run

  • Send invitations to guests

  • Conduct online team building

How does team building work online?

  • Participants receive invitations to team building. It comes by email, and for this you can also create a general chat in Telegram or another messenger.  

  • At the appointed time, everyone meets online and follows a special invitation link.

  • On the selected online platform. Everyone can see and hear each other.

  • The host tells the rules and starts the event.

  • Depending on the selected type of event, employees compete/play/discuss something.

  • Getting out of your comfort zone and a friendly atmosphere helps you get closer

We have several ready-made package offers of various formats, as well as the ability to develop a new unique format for each specific client.

To find out more, download the detailed PDF presentation

Contact us and we will tell you in more detail about all possible formats of online team building.
  • New team building format
  • Participation is possible from any region, anywhere in the world
  • A way to deal with stress from remote work
  • A way to solve HR, PR and marketing problems

Remote team building formats


For the event, you can prepare a quiz with questions about your company or write riddles for a game like “What? Where? When?". The winning team in the quiz will also be awarded a prize. And for young companies whose staff are not yet so familiar with each other, an acquaintance quiz is suitable, when employees must answer questions related to them.


It will be easier to play here than offline, because video communication platforms allow you to turn off sound and image. You need to choose a leader, assign roles and start playing. This is a good way to unite the team, but the main thing is that every employee is involved in the game.

Watching a movie

An interesting event for a small company. To watch a themed film, just set up an online cinema. And then you can share your impressions with colleagues and discuss the catching moments of the film.

Talent show

Each of the colleagues demonstrates their talents on camera: playing a musical instrument, vocal abilities, reading tongue twisters without hesitation, professional dancing skills, etc. Any employee will be able to show their best and unexpected side, but it is important that everyone prepares for the event and took him seriously.

Cooking master class

As a basis, you can take a certain recipe that everyone can repeat. Here you can also compete on cooking speed. During a shared dinner, everyone will be able to demonstrate the dish on camera and tell how delicious it turned out. Well, we will help with the delivery of food so that everyone can start cooking at the same time.


Everyone loves riddles! To feel like Sherlock Holmes and solve the crime with your team, you need to look for evidence, interrogate witnesses and find out useful information. You can think through a thematic scenario, assign roles in advance, and even prepare physical props for everyone. And at the end of the event, the host reveals the name of the real criminal.

Challenges and flash mobs

Each employee will have to perform humorous tasks. For example, find your childhood photo or make a playlist of your favorite tracks. And then you can vote to find out which participant owns the baby photo or playlist. You can also choose a fun topic for an informal presentation and then show your slides to all your colleagues. This will allow you to step out of your comfort zone and have a good laugh.

Shooting your own film

Let each employee make a mini-movie about himself or his work on a smartphone or camera, and organize a joint viewing during the call, followed by discussion. This way, all team members will be able to understand how their work is seen and evaluated by their colleagues, as well as learn about the inner workings of other departments.
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