Organization of winter team building

Team building is an event aimed at uniting the work team. This is a very useful event, because the success of a business largely depends on the atmosphere in the team. The more friendly your team is, the easier it will be for you to work and achieve new achievements together.  

Team building can be organized at any time of the year, the location is limited only by your imagination. 


  • Individual script development;

  • Professional instructors;

  • Increasing team cohesion;

  • Creating an informal atmosphere.

Ideas for winter team building

Goldberg machine

It is also called the Abstruse Machine. She performs very simple actions in the most complex way. The point is that the team will have to complete tasks to launch the whole mechanism. The domino principle applies here: one action follows from another. To successfully complete all the tasks you will have to unite and learn to hear each other.

Winter team building in nature

Sports games for unity in the winter forest or at a tourist base. Teams must take part in competitions for speed, agility, and the ability to make decisions in non-standard situations. To win, you will have to work as one well-coordinated mechanism. This allows you to build communication and better understand each other.

Military sports competitions

They include all sorts of quests on any topic, laser tag, paintball, orienteering and other activities. This event is suitable for workers of any gender; it is a great way to let out emotions, unite and simply have a good rest in an unusual environment in pleasant company.


Imagine how happy the team will be if for New Year's team building you go to let off steam and ride on snowmobiles through the winter forest. This is a great idea to bring the team together, take a break from the bustle of the city and routine tasks. Both men and women will definitely appreciate this!

Team building outside the city

Team building can be more than just a sporting event. You can also conduct team building in a cozy country house with the crackling fireplace. Quests and games are designed to show each member of the team their own importance, teach them to work harmoniously and open up in a new way.

Winter quest

City quest in winter is fun and unusual. Throughout the city, quest participants will be given tasks, upon completion of which the entire team will receive prizes. The quest will show how the team interacts with each other, allow you to relax and show you new interesting places in such a familiar city.

Winter evening in the office

Winter team building can also be done in the office. It's interesting and allows you not to leave your comfort zone. Games and quests with a winter theme will help the team show a different side of themselves, relax and understand how to better build relationships with colleagues.

Winter relay

A sporting event that requires coordination and attention. The relay will help you feel like one team and one whole, relax and work together. Can be carried out outside the city or within the city. For example, in a park or loft.

Why do you need winter team building?

Team building

The success of a business largely depends on this.

Reduced turnover

In a work team with a healthy atmosphere, there is less chance of frequent turnover of employees.

An easy way to get started

If you have just opened your company and have not yet managed to build communication with employees, then team building will help you.

Place in the company

Team building allows each employee to find his place in the corporation. You can develop the abilities of workers by giving them appropriate tasks.

What you need to know about winter team building

In the modern world, the ability to work in a team is a very valuable quality for employees. By interacting in a team you can achieve great results. During our trainings, participants undergo a series of tasks related to physical and intellectual activities, during which they develop collective interaction skills.  

This will allow new employees to get to know the team, increase motivation, relieve emotional stress and smooth out psychological barriers to communication. It will also consolidate the experience of jointly achieving goals and develop personal qualities and skills.

At your request, changes and additions to all positions are possible. We are also ready to prepare individual scenarios for you for your New Year’s Eve, provide assistance in selecting a venue, organizing transfers and providing catering services.

Turnkey winter team building development


We will arrange a personal meeting with you at any time convenient for you. Call or write to us and the manager will choose a convenient day for you. This is necessary so that we can better understand what kind of event you want. Fill out the brief and tell us about your ideas.


We begin work on your event: we develop a concept and script, write a rough plan and send it to you for approval. Once everything is agreed upon, we will move on to the next step.


We begin to look for a suitable location, think through the menu and negotiate with the catering. If necessary, we can order a transfer and much more. We select presenters and actors, as well as entertainment for the event.


We are preparing the equipment that we will use at the event, decorating the location, and preparing it to soon receive guests.
We will be with you throughout the entire team building: resolve any issues, make sure that everything goes according to plan and stays on time.

Examples of winter events

Entertainment program January 1
Entertainment program January 1
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Opening of the Nivea skating rink
Opening of the Nivea skating rink
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More details
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