Who are we?

Event agency “Aventura” specializes in organizing and conducting events for the B2B sector.

We work with a wide range of online and offline formats and organize events throughout Russia, the CIS countries and around the world. 

And in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Tyumen and Omsk we have our own offices with employees and are ready to come to you at any time to meet you.

For more than 10 years, we have been creating and conducting turnkey business and corporate events for businesses, forums, presentations, conferences, anniversaries, team building, sporting events, intensive tours and online events. 

Since 2020, we have held many events online: from shows to business events. 

We know how to create an interesting online event. We use modern technologies: broadcasts, virtual studios and communication platforms.  

We have everything for your event: directors, time-tested contractors, a team of professional event specialists, artists, professional equipment and a studio with chromakey. 

History of creation and development

Translated from Spanish, “AVENTURA” means “Adventure”. But our whole life can be called one big and exciting adventure. And how we live it depends only on ourselves. Our event agency helps make life brighter, more beautiful, more fun, and even more romantic.

The history of our company began back in 2006 in Omsk. At that time, the Event industry in Russia was just gaining momentum, and we, still very young and inexperienced, were slowly drawn into this area.

The first corporate parties, team building events - then these events became huge events for us! We were incredibly happy when we discovered something new and unusual, and were very worried when at our holidays something didn’t turn out the way we wanted. Time passed, we grew, gained experience, knowledge and professionalism. And for more than ten years now, our ship has been moving forward, opening up more and more new horizons.

Over the years we have managed to:

  • changed a whole lot of offices in several cities before we found those cozy and comfortable places in the city center where we are located now; survive the financial crisis and the emergence of a large number of competitors in the holiday services market (which, by the way, has grown 10 times during this time);
  • open the agency's main office in the city on the Neva - St. Petersburg;
  • assemble a reliable team of super specialists and like-minded people.
  • accumulate valuable knowledge and practical experience in organizing and conducting events of any scale - from local prize draws to global events involving a large number of artists and equipment; start families: almost all employees of our Agency have already gotten married. Someone is on maternity leave, and someone has already returned from maternity leave;
  • write down 34,000 sheets of paper (and that’s as many as 70 “Snow Maidens”!), drink 6,570 mugs of coffee and tea, spend 135 sleepless nights in the office preparing for events, cancel 4 planned vacations (as they say, everything for the front, everything for victory!)
  • smile 5 billion times;

Company's mission

Our main task is to organize full-fledged, high-quality and effective events. Thanks to a high degree of responsibility and an individual approach to each project, we contribute to achieving the customer’s goals.

To make the Russian Event market more professional, we focus on the positive experience of successful colleagues from foreign event companies. Constantly developing and improving, our company sets itself the goal of becoming a leader in the field of event marketing.

Our mission is to mobilize and strengthen the intangible assets of the client’s company: corporate culture, team spirit, social significance and image as a whole.

In the process of organizing events, we focus on a successful result, putting not only our strength, but also our soul into our work. That is why we are confident that the results of our work will exceed the expectations of not only the client, but also society as a whole.

Our principles

Only teamwork guarantees organization, efficiency, mutual understanding and consistency, which is important for holding an event. In the process of organizing an event, we collaborate with the client, who also becomes part of a close-knit team.

our team

Of course, our company's most valuable resource is people. They are the ones who selflessly give their all every day to make your event the best. Each of our employees not only loves their job, but also improves themselves every day, reaching new professional heights.

Our agency employees annually attend event congresses and forums, where they study and gain experience. We follow global trends in the event industry and the latest technologies, introducing all this into our work.

Now we can say with confidence that over the years a truly “dream team” has been formed. Every new project for us is a challenge, a chance to make this world brighter! Much has already been done, but the most interesting things are yet to come.

So, we are pleased to introduce you to our team:

Glushenkov Mikhail

Director of company

We are a team of experienced event specialists who have been working in the event organization field for more than 10 years! Since 2020, we have been providing services for organizing events online. We organize several events at the same time: we have offices in several cities.  

We follow technologies, constantly improve our professional skills and attract only the best directors, designers, technicians and other specialists to our work.

Our main service is the organization of events of various formats: online, offline, business, corporate events, themed events, conferences, presentations. We can create a completely unique event for you.  

Additionally, we can organize catering services for you so that all guests remain well-fed and satisfied. To keep your guests from getting bored, order some attractions from us: mini-golf, table football, crossbow shooting range, and so on.

Glushenkov Mikhail — General Director