For a young, developing team, full of strength and ambition, as well as for an established team, over time, gatherings in cafes and restaurants lose their relevance. Office sabantuyas are becoming boring, and many problems arise with them. Another thing is active, with elements of sports competitions, parties and holidays in nature.

You definitely won’t regret the decision to go out into nature, surrounded by colleagues, to have a fun weekend in pleasant company, to celebrate your company’s birthday, New Year, or some other date.

This is the time for skiing and snowboarding, ice skating, tubing, snowmobiling - all those activities that are not available in the warm season. Some emotions are evoked by frosty freshness as opposed to the fireplace fire in the room, the aroma of spruce branches. You can discuss the route to St. Petersburg with management and colleagues without waiting for the next meeting.
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Why does your company need a winter corporate event?

A winter corporate party is an opportunity to enjoy a special atmosphere. Many companies tend to go out of town to be in nature or celebrate a holiday on the eve of the New Year.

If in summer you can take a boat ride, then the format of winter holidays is, of course, different. But we must not forget that the biting frost also gives this time of year a special charm.

To ensure that your corporate holiday in winter goes the way you want it to, you should contact a specialized company to organize it. This is a real opportunity not only to save on a corporate trip to nature, but to receive a turnkey service.

Ideas for holding a winter corporate party

Art party

At a party held in this format, each employee of the company, regardless of their role in its activities, gets the opportunity to demonstrate their creative qualities to the maximum, trying on the role of Picasso or Malevich. This way you can even draw a general picture and then hang it in a prominent place in the office. Country clubs are ideal for holding corporate events in this format.

Cooking master class

During self-isolation, interest in the previously beloved and previously in demand business lunches was forced to decline. Meanwhile, the need to eat tasty food is present every day. Having met colleagues at a culinary show, you will be able to learn how to cook in order to please yourself and your family, and improve your culinary art, of course, outside of working hours.


The roar of the engine, wild speed and a dispute about who will reach the edge of the forest or the stretching plain - what could be more ideal when it comes to organizing a vacation in a men's group? The snowdrifts are knee-deep and the wind in your face is no problem. Snowmobile racing is exactly what will excite employees, raise adrenaline, and help throw out accumulated emotions. In addition to racing, within the framework of the program it is possible to organize a joint winter snowmobile ride and visit places with beautiful views.

Communication with animals of the North and horseback riding

A corporate trip to a deer farm or equestrian club in the region is a fairly calm format of entertainment. Suitable for when you just need to relieve accumulated fatigue, do something like a reboot. After such a rest, it’s as if a new countdown begins for a person: ideas come to him, a real plan appears on how to realize his plans, achieve his goal.

What is included in organizing a corporate event in winter?

Development of a corporate event scenario

Finding a location for events

Negotiating with the owner of the place where the event is planned

Organization of transfer, photo, video filming

Pros and cons of a winter corporate party outdoors

Benefits of corporate winter outdoor recreation

  • The opportunity to relax in the fresh air, actively participating in corporate events, at the end of the work week or on the eve of a holiday;
  • Maintaining the corporate spirit of the company, team building;
  • Demonstrating a commitment to active, healthy recreation;
  • Self-realization.

Disadvantages of a winter corporate party

There are none if you dress for the weather. You simply won’t feel any discomfort from being outside.

Our winter corporate events

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Entertainment program January 1
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Opening of the Nivea skating rink
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