Organization of sports events

Sports can become an important part of the corporate culture of any company. And even when the weather is not pleasant every day, it is possible to organize a large-scale active event. The Aventura event agency will help you decide on the program of such a competition, select a site and tell you about all the rules of organization and conduct.

  • A non-standard option for relaxing with colleagues;

  • Individual scenarios and concepts;

  • Wide selection of artists and stage groups;

  • Turnkey site design.

Sports Options

  • Seasonal and year-round championships, tournaments, friendly matches and exhibition performances in various disciplines;
  • Races, marathons, relay races, incl. and charitable;
  • Olympics, Spartakiads, street team activities, military sports games, Days of health, physical education and sports, family festivals;
  • Sports competitions in nature, on the water, as well as extreme corporate events: regatta, mountain hiking, parachute jumping, snowboarding, shooting, horse riding, etc.;
  • Team building with sports elements: rope park, racing, events based on sports and extreme programs, rafting.

Examples of sporting events

Rostelecom sporting event
Rostelecom sporting event
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Tourist rally Gazpromneft
Tourist rally Gazpromneft
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Great Football Festival
Great Football Festival
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Benefits of hosting sporting events

Team-building effect

Sport, unlike fitness in the gym, is usually a general matter, even if the competition is individual. The team becomes a single organism that resists another team or simply the feeling of fatigue that reigns in the office. By overcoming difficulties in training together and achieving long-awaited victories, employees learn mutual support. In addition, sport, no worse than banquets and buffets, promotes informal communication, when people open up to each other from new sides. Moreover, the gender and age of workers in this case are completely unimportant.

New motivation for success

Sport increases loyalty to the company and the team’s involvement in its values ​​and philosophy. The spirit of competition fosters healthy competition, develops discipline and responsibility, focus on results and initiative, and staff turnover, on the contrary, decreases. Management at such events can quickly identify leaders and performers.

Healing effect

Whatever one may say, sport is life. You shed negativity, recharge with new strength, strengthen your immune system and tone your body. Therefore, in companies where sports events are part of the culture, employees are less likely to get sick and go on vacation. Sport also has a positive impact on a person’s psychological state: people feel more confident and happier, they have fewer problems expressing emotions, they experience stress more easily and are protected from professional burnout.
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Stages of organizing sporting events


At this stage, the customer and organizer determine the style and format of the event, its duration, venue and prizes. Then work begins with the details: inventory, decor, advertising, personnel selection, logistics and catering.


The larger the event, the longer it lasts. Therefore, sports events often begin not with the opening ceremony, but with work with instructors. They tell you how to exercise correctly without harming your health.

Main part

Any competition must have presenters (commentators), judges (jury) and a support group (fans from neighboring offices or family members). The event is held under the control of the organizers, who ensure compliance with the timeline and the absence of force majeure.


Based on the results of any competition, a winner must be determined. Therefore, the first part of the final is the awards ceremony. Then the participants share their feedback, and after some time they receive cool photos and videos.
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