Organization and holding of hybrid events

Hybrid events are a chance to combine online and offline audiences. A great opportunity to gather your target audience in one place, increase brand awareness and, of course, a good way to solve the problem of restrictions during a pandemic.

Hybrid events are very popular because they have many advantages not only for the situation in the world as a whole, but also for the development of technology. For such events, the latest generations of cameras and sound are often used. Online translators who work almost synchronously with the speaker, lights, and so on.

Locations are constantly changing, becoming more comfortable, better and safer. Hybrid events will soon become a normal part of doing business.


A hybrid event can be organized on any theme and for any occasion. The audience for each event you can host can be easily connected:

  • Corporate event;
  • Team building;
  • Exhibition;
  • Presentation of a new product or service;
  • Business events;
  • Conferences;
  • Training seminars.

Benefits of hybrid events

Hybrid events are an indispensable event for many businesses.


In our conditions, many people appreciate the opportunity to attend interesting events remotely. Safety and health for people are now paramount. And hybrid events help you stay on top of the latest trends and attend events.

Increase in target audience

Online allows you to expand the number of target audiences for your product. Guests of the event can be present at a distance and this increases loyalty and increases the number of potential buyers/users of your product.

Lots of feedback

There is always more activity and reviews for certain events on social networks. This is useful for digital agencies, online educational platforms, and so on.

Increased awareness

Not only guests who were personally present at the event, but also people who were only online will talk about you on social networks. This will make you heard by many.

What makes an event hybrid

With a hybrid event, we make it possible to attend the event in real time remotely and physically. That is, you are preparing an offline site: location, equipment, photo zone, and so on.

As well as a broadcast for online viewing: with the ability to comment, with chat and a 360-degree overview of the event.

Different hybrid event formats can be implemented in different ways, and all events will be different from each other, even if they are online.

For example, only you and your colleagues will attend a corporate event in a hybrid event format. You will have a host and an entertainment program with you, depending on what you have chosen.

A business hybrid event like a conference will have speakers, media, and other guests. It will have a different atmosphere and, of course, solve different problems.

But any event can be turned into a hybrid one.

Examples of events carried out

PR event Smart kitchen
PR event Smart kitchen
More details
Corporate event
Corporate event
More details
Organization and holding of a corporate event
Organization and holding of a corporate event
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Venues for hybrid events

For such an event, it is necessary to think through several platforms to the smallest detail: virtual and real. It is necessary to prepare a location for speakers and event staff. Rest rooms and so on.

  • One site
Everything happens in one room. Offline and online spectators watch what is happening on stage. For example, this could be a presentation of a new product, a business conference, and so on.
  • Several sites
The event can take place in different places at the same time. For example, several exhibitions in different parts of the city. This way people can attend the event physically, while others can watch the broadcast online.
  • Street
You can hold an event outdoors. To do this, you need to use the help of special organizations that specialize in creating hybrid events.
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