How to hold a corporate party on March 8 online

Online corporate party on March 8 is a new way to congratulate women on the holiday. Firstly, this is a new experience for holding corporate events, and secondly, it is safety!
Online corporate events have begun to gain popularity thanks to all the advantages of this format: you can organize parties, master classes, and even sports activities.

The eighth of March is a holiday of solidarity and emancipation of women; it is celebrated in Russia and many other countries of the world. This is an official holiday, so March 8 is a day off.

Online corporate event that we can create

Online quiz

This is a game quiz with questions and gifts. You can come up with questions on any topic! About the history of the holiday, about great women, questions about physics, cinema, music! Such quizzes can be extended over an entire corporate event, and at the end, winners can be selected and each one can be given a gift.

Art party

A great opportunity to experience beauty and celebrate a corporate event. An art party can be anything: painting on large canvases, epoxy resin, bead weaving and anything else you can think of! We will provide all the necessary tools, bring them and organize an online meeting with the master for you!


A cool and interesting type of corporate event online. Meet in the morning on one of the video calling apps and start stretching! It's useful and unusual. Anyone who works in an office will definitely like this!

Online party

Just as fun as offline! You will meet in the audio room, where a host, entertainment, and music await you. It's unusual and interesting. This will be remembered for a long time. In addition, you will make remote workers happy - they will finally see their favorite team together.

How we will spend March 8th online

  1. Call us or write. Our managers will answer all your questions;
  2. We arrange a meeting. We discuss what kind of corporate event you see, what you want, we listen to all your ideas;
  3. Based on your brief, we draw up an event plan. We will create a truly unique holiday for you. We can also offer existing scripts;
  4. We agree on a plan with you. This is your event! Upon request, we will remove/add whatever you want.
  5. Let's start preparing. We create a website for your corporate event, several thematic audio and video rooms.
  6. We check how everything works;
  7. We work while you rest. We monitor the event, equipment operation and timing;
  8. We take feedback. It is important because we always want to grow above ourselves and become better;

  • 10 years of experience! All this time we are creating holidays and events for you.
  • Clients come to us again and again. And we really appreciate them for that.
  • We love people and organize events for any number of people and for any budget.
  • Prices are fixed, we do not charge extra and do not impose unnecessary services.
  • We have a plan in case of force majeure. Things happen in life and we are ready for it.
  • We know who will help make the holiday unforgettable! We have contacts of the best DJs, presenters, actors and even waiters!
  • We are learning non-stop to be better and organize holidays faster and cooler!

Examples of events carried out

 Open People Day - Family Festival
Open People Day - Family Festival
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"Live full life"
"Live full life"
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Family Day
Family Day
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