Participation in significant social projects is an integral part of the work of the Aventura agency. Our friendly team of professionals strives to make the world around us brighter, more fun and colorful, caring not only about our well-being, but also about the well-being of society.

We realize that the results of our work determine how your significant event will go and what memories it will leave. Therefore, when creating events, we approach their organization with all responsibility. We conduct an open, honest and socially oriented business, because this is the only way to earn the trust and respect of customers.

We create events. We love to invent, develop, organize and bring them to life for you. Of course, work brings us not only joy and pleasure, but also well-deserved income. However, there are events for which we do not take money, but on the contrary, we help raise the necessary sums of money for certain purposes by organizing free holiday concerts and events.

Charity event “Warm Socks”

In 2011, we, together with the information portal “Relax,” summed up the results of the “Warm Socks” campaign, which was held from October 24 to November 24.

During the month of the campaign, city residents brought several dozen children's warm socks, as well as other warm children's clothes and toys, to designated collection points. Also, special gifts were provided by the project sponsors. Our team took all the collected things to the small children to the Children's Pulmonary Tuberculosis Sanatorium in the village of Krasnoyarka.  

The children were solemnly presented with all the collected things, clowns played with them - they showed tricks and interesting creative acts. We believe that winter has become a little warmer for the children, and the world has become lighter and brighter, because the support of adults is especially important for children from disadvantaged families...

Charity concert “A world in which there are no strangers”

In October 2011, the Aventura agency, together with the Children's Charitable Foundation "Children of Planet Earth", organized the Charity Concert "A World in Which There are No Strangers" at the Continent TV Center.

At the concert, funds were raised for the treatment of little Omsk resident Kristina Stroinova, who was given a disappointing diagnosis. For treatment, 150 thousand rubles were needed, which the girl’s family, unfortunately, did not have.

Our team did not remain indifferent to little Christina’s problem and responded to the Foundation’s request. We organized a charity concert, with the help of which we managed to raise the necessary funds for treatment.

If every day there is at least one more happy person on Earth, then the world will become beautiful and joyful, and our future will be bright and kind. Let's give each other smiles and good mood!

City cleanup

In the spring of 2013, the Aventura event agency team joined the annual citywide cleanup. We are not indifferent to the future of our city, which is why we wanted to take part in its transformation and preservation.

Together, we cleared one of the dirtiest banks of the Irtysh from debris and dirt. The result of our labors was several huge bags of garbage and a clean coastal clearing.

We removed a lot of garbage, but there are many such dirty places in the city and it cannot be cleaned without joint efforts. At the same time, it is important not only to help clean up, but also not to litter.