Organization of Builder's Day

Builder's Day is celebrated annually on the second Sunday of August. This is a good opportunity to remind colleagues of the importance of the work they do every day. Celebrate the successes of each of them and charge them with motivation for a long time.

A corporate event will help you relax and create a friendly atmosphere in your team, which will favorably influence the work of the entire company.

Where to hold a corporate event on Builder's Day

The warm season allows you to create an exciting holiday anywhere without any problems. We have several suggestions on where to celebrate a summer corporate party on the occasion of a professional holiday.

  • Another city

A trip to another city will help you unwind, take a break from work tasks, and also recharge your motivation for work. This type of event is popular among young companies.

  • Forest

An event in the forest will help you relax and take a break from the city noise and household chores. This is a great opportunity to enjoy nature, which is sometimes so lacking, to relax and have a good time.

  • Cafe or restaurant

A classic for all corporate events. It is mobile, convenient and does not take much time. At such events, you can celebrate the successes of each employee and award a memorable prize.  

  • Yacht Club

A yacht ride is an unusual option for a celebration that everyone will enjoy. It is quite extreme, but not so much that participants are scared. You will be accompanied by a professional throughout your journey.

  • Team building

  • Creating a real corporate culture

  • Helps reduce staff turnover

  • Employees will really have a rest

  • Helps to understand each other better

  • Maintaining a friendly atmosphere

What is needed to celebrate a construction company’s corporate event?

To create a corporate event that every participant will like and remember, you need to put in a lot of effort. Here's what you'll need to organize the event:

Clearly define the date and time of the event

This is necessary so that everyone can plan their day so that business does not interfere with relaxation during the holiday. The end time of the event must also be strictly observed.

Know the exact number of participants

Some holiday events are designed specifically for a group of people. For example, at master classes or rafting trips. An unexpected +1 can cause misunderstanding.

Site selection

Consult with your colleagues where they would like to celebrate their professional holiday or find reviews about each place you are interested in and decide for yourself. If difficulties arise with this, we will help you cope with the choice.

Indicate wishes for the program and scenario of the event

Talk about any little things. This is your day and you better feel the mood of your colleagues in the team. If you have your own ideas, local jokes and so on - tell us, we will use it in the entertainment program.

Question about transfer to the celebration site

You need to decide how guests will get to their destination. We can organize a transfer from the home of each of the participants or the same for everyone. For example, from the office. The issue of transporting guests home is resolved separately. Pay attention to this. Especially if your event takes place outside the city.

Menu issues

It is important to tell about all the gastronomic preferences of your colleagues. And also indicate if anyone has allergies or intolerances to certain products. We will create a menu in such a way that the dishes are tasty and safe for each of your guests.

Options for corporate events for Builder's Day


Compete with your colleagues on your ability to build “houses” from a huge construction set, hammer nails at speed, and solve intellectual problems on a professional topic. Our specialists will prepare a program for competitions in the office and in the fresh air, on land and on water. Each employee will be able to feel like part of the team and demonstrate both performance and leadership skills.

Camping with tents

Our specialists will hold a tourist rally dedicated to the professional holiday, which is celebrated on the second Sunday of August. We will divide participants into teams to demonstrate their skills in setting up tents and making fires, and in addition we will organize trekking trips. The event will conclude with a competition for the best hiking camp, with bonuses including guitar songs, fishing and unity with nature.


A quiz on knowledge of the history of a company or professional topic is perfect for Builder's Day. At the beginning of the event, reward individual employees or highlight their performance over the past year. Such a celebration can be held outdoors and combined with a picnic or indoors, for example, in an office. We will prepare a script, invite a host and photographer, and organize catering.


An extreme corporate event is a good opportunity to test your endurance and courage. Summer provides all the opportunities for holding such an event: you will not be constrained by uncomfortable clothing and the fear of frostbite. Nowadays, river rafting and kayaking are the most popular. The main thing is not to forget about safety. Such a vacation will help employees get out of their comfort zone, unite in unusual conditions and get to know each other from a new side.

Examples of events carried out

Family day
Family day
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Communication Day
Communication Day
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caring day
caring day
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Programs for your holiday

Choosing a program is the favorite thing for many of our clients. We offer programs depending on the time of year, the readiness of your colleagues to take part in sports competitions, and the level of physical fitness. And some more factors that help us offer you the most suitable projects to choose from.

Several programs may be suitable for Builder's Day:

  • Arrival by jeep

  • Rafting for the weekend

  • Office party

  • Video Game Night

  • A trip to another city for the weekend

  • Sport competitions

  • Evening on the shore

  • Yacht trip

  • Cinema Day 

  • Master Class

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