Organization of a corporate event on Trade Day

Trade Workers' Day is celebrated on the fourth Saturday of July throughout the country. Trade surrounds us everywhere: household appliance stores, supermarkets, online marketplaces, online stores.

Trade Day is celebrated not only by large companies, but also by small businesses and people involved in online trading. This is another good reason to get the whole team together for a corporate event and have a good time.

  • Individual development of scenario and concept;

  • Wide selection of artists and stage groups;

  • Turnkey site design.

Why should you entrust the organization of a trade worker's day to us?

  • Responsibility
We create creative events, but we always work under a contract.

  • Work according to technical specifications and brief
We do only what you want and always work after approval. We care about your wishes.

  • Efficiency
At the end of the evening we provide statistics on activity at the event.

  • Everything is checked
We collaborate with proven presenters, speakers and artists.

  • Experience
We have been working for more than 10 years and have organized many events, so we can do everything and even more.

  • Personal manager
We provide a manager who is in touch with you 24/7

How we organize Trade Day

First meeting

We meet with you online or offline to fill out a short brief. We discuss all issues of interest in order to make a useful and interesting event.

Creating an event concept

Our creative team is developing the concept and script of the event. You can bring ready-made ideas for the event if you wish.

Choosing a site

If your event is held online, then we will select the appropriate platform for the scenario. If offline, we will select a convenient restaurant, loft or any other space.

We invite presenters, artists and speakers

If you want to make your event larger and more interesting, then we definitely won’t interfere, but will help!

We order catering

If the event is outdoors, we will organize catering at your request.

Celebrate Trade Day with your team

At the event, we make sure that everything went according to plan. We adjust the course of the corporate event if necessary.

We send photos and videos

After the event, you will receive photos and videos taken by a professional photographer and videographer.

Options for corporate events on Trade Day

Offsite corporate event

If it’s difficult to surprise your employees with an event in the surrounding area, get together with your team and spend a short weekend in another city or region. We organize transfers, hotel accommodation and sightseeing tours. If the weather permits, you can even swim in the lake or sea. A corporate retreat is a great way to relax, communicate with colleagues in an informal setting and learn something new.


Trade Workers' Day is traditionally celebrated on the fourth Saturday of July. This is a great time to conduct a quest. Summer time allows you to go beyond the indoors: the quest can be done outdoors, in the city or in the park. Complete exciting tasks, solve puzzles and move from one location to another. Our team will prepare a script for a thematic quest that will not leave anyone indifferent. During the game, participants will be able to show their imagination, wit and creative talents.

Boat trip

An excellent option for a summer corporate event. On the ship you can hold a concert, quiz, master class and even a small quest. Having a closed deck will allow you to hide from sudden rain or wind and continue the event. As a bonus, you will receive beautiful photos from an unusual angle. Our team will rent a ship, prepare a script, invite a host, DJ and photographer. And if a banquet or buffet is required, we will organize catering.

ATV ride

If you want to celebrate your professional holiday in an unforgettable and exciting way, our team will organize an extreme corporate event. Racing on ATVs or jeeps will not leave anyone indifferent. Take a ride with the breeze, listen to the roar of the engine and get impressions for the year ahead. The event will allow employees to step out of their comfort zone, improve their resistance to stress and, perhaps, find a new hobby.

Examples of events carried out

 Open People Day - Family Festival
Open People Day - Family Festival
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Day of comfort in "Uyterra"
Day of comfort in "Uyterra"
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caring day
caring day
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Photo and video
Our principles
We value sincerity in everything we do and strive to establish trusting relationships with clients. Following high moral and ethical standards, we openly discuss our opportunities and offer transparent prices and conditions.
Our company is looking for creative ways to organize events and uses new technologies, including in conducting online events and selecting visual effects. We think creatively and strive to exceed our clients' expectations to make every event unique.
We understand that details are of utmost importance in business and corporate events. Therefore, we pay special attention to organizational and technical aspects, from timing to collecting feedback. Our goal is to provide impeccable quality events to ensure guests' satisfaction.
Our company prides itself on its ability to bring clients' ideas to life. We understand the importance of meeting obligations, so we complete all tasks on time. Our approach and team organization guarantee that events are carried out strictly in accordance with the intended goals.
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