Translated from Spanish, “AVENTURA” means “Adventure”. But our whole life can be called one big and exciting adventure. And how we live it depends only on ourselves. Our event agency helps make life brighter, more beautiful, more fun, and even more romantic.

The history of our company began back in 2006 in Omsk. At that time, the Event industry in Russia was just gaining momentum, and we, still very young and inexperienced, were slowly drawn into this area.

The first corporate parties, team building events - then these events became huge events for us! We were incredibly happy when we discovered something new and unusual, and were very worried when at our holidays something didn’t turn out the way we wanted. Time passed, we grew, gained experience, knowledge and professionalism. And for more than ten years now, our ship has been moving forward, opening up more and more new horizons.

Over the years we have managed to:

  • changed a whole lot of offices in several cities before we found those cozy and comfortable places in the city center where we are located now; survive the financial crisis and the emergence of a large number of competitors in the holiday services market (which, by the way, has grown 10 times during this time);
  • open the agency's main office in the city on the Neva - St. Petersburg;
  • assemble a reliable team of super specialists and like-minded people.
  • accumulate valuable knowledge and practical experience in organizing and conducting events of any scale - from local prize draws to global events involving a large number of artists and equipment; start families: almost all employees of our Agency have already gotten married. Someone is on maternity leave, and someone has already returned from maternity leave;
  • write down 34,000 sheets of paper (and that’s as many as 70 “Snow Maidens”!), drink 6,570 mugs of coffee and tea, spend 135 sleepless nights in the office preparing for events, cancel 4 planned vacations (as they say, everything for the front, everything for victory!)
  • smile 5 billion times;

We are a team of event specialists, full of energy and strength for new achievements! Mobility and efficiency allow us to serve several events at the same time, and a modern approach, positivity and originality turn each of our events into a truly unforgettable show.

PS The only theme park in Europe, Port Aventura, has the same name. It is the second largest amusement park in the world after Disney Land. Like our Events Agency, this park is designed to bring joy to people.

There is also a musical group in the world called “Aventura”, which is one of the brightest Latin American groups on the world stage.