Why hold a New Year's corporate party online?

Due to a certain situation, gathering “online” to celebrate something is no longer something strange and unusual, but rather, on the contrary, online is gaining popularity!

New Year's Eve remotely is an interesting experience of celebrating the most magical day of the year.

Ideas for a corporate party for the New Year in online format

A real party online

Just like offline, only on a special website that we will create for you. We will invite a DJ and host who will host the entire party. You can communicate via chat and special video communication rooms. Interactives, live broadcasts, themed rooms - we have thought of everything to make sure you have a good evening.

Cooking master class

We will deliver all the necessary products for you and send you a link to a private video chat with our professional chef. To do this, you only need a laptop or smartphone. The chef will not only teach you how to prepare a dish chosen in advance, but will also tell you a lot of interesting things about its history and all the intricacies of cooking. And at the end of the evening you will have an online dinner with colleagues!

Talent show

A fun opportunity to show off your skills and hidden skills. You can organize a talent show in which everyone will receive a memorable prize (which can be gifted via delivery). It’s just too much to prepare for the holiday in advance!

Online yoga

Sounds like something office workers would really like. A New Year's corporate party does not have to be a classic get-together with drinks and fun until the morning (although this is difficult to imagine even in an online format). What if we all got together one New Year's winter morning, received sports mats delivered and spent an hour relaxing body and soul? After this, each employee can be given a monthly gym membership.

Digital board games

There are many paid and free sites where you can play familiar board games directly online. It's fun, especially if you and your colleagues enjoyed playing them offline too. Calling on Skype, making tea, getting your New Year's pizza or other treat and being lost with your colleagues for a couple of hours, playing Munchkin, Mafia or Arkham Horror sounds like a good idea for a New Year's corporate party.

Features of the online format for the New Year's corporate party

  • Safety
Due to the situation in the world, many people prefer to celebrate online, if possible.

  • Unusual
You can celebrate any holiday in any style without leaving your own apartment

  • Can be done anywhere
All you need is internet and a laptop or smartphone. It is very comfortable.

  • Saving
You won’t spend money on locations, premises and festive costumes

  • Experience
Celebrating on Skype is very unusual, but you should try it, because we will organize everything in such a way that you will have fun and comfort

  • Speed
Organizing an online corporate event takes much less time than offline

How to properly invite employees to a New Year's online corporate party

An online corporate party is the same event as the offline corporate party we are familiar with, so inviting employees must be approached with the utmost seriousness.
  • Find out how you will celebrate
  • If you usually discuss such issues, ask how they like the idea of ​​going online.
  • Decide on an idea
  • Choose something that everyone will like
  • Send online invitations

They can be sent to your work email with the note “Important”
You can also create an invitation website with answers to all questions about the upcoming corporate event. This option is suitable for large corporations. For smaller companies, you can create a chat in Telegram, where you can navigate on all issues. There, by the beginning of the evening, you will need to send a link to the chat in which the celebration will take place.

Our advantages

  • Responsibility
We will create a website for your event, host the event and make sure everything goes well.

  • We work only according to specifications and briefs
We do only what you want and always work after agreement. We care about your wishes.

  • Let's create a presentation
To make it more clear, we will show how we see your holiday with our own eyes. This was created so that we understand each other better.
  • We give the result
At the end of the evening, we provide statistics on activity at the event so that you understand how effective our work was.

  • Everything is checked
We collaborate with proven presenters and speakers who will entertain you at an event of this format.

  • Experience
We have been working since 2010 and have organized many events, so now we can do everything and even more

  • Manager
After the start of cooperation, you are provided with a manager who will be in touch with you 24/7
  • Free site selection;
  • Author's scripts;
  • Large selection of professional presenters;
  • Turnkey site design;
  • Large selection of artists and various groups. 

Options for New Year's corporate party online


Invite your colleagues to a New Year's corporate party online. We will broadcast from the studio, where first the management will congratulate their colleagues and talk about the company’s successes over the past year. After the ceremonial part, each participant will be able to enter the virtual room. The games “Mafia”, “Elias”, “Crocodile” and other activities will be waiting there. In the chat, you can exchange congratulations with colleagues and order tracks from the presenter. The advantage of such a party is that employees who are remote or left for the New Year holidays can participate in it.

Art party

Brushes, paints, canvas and a cheerful company will create a relaxing atmosphere and pleasant surroundings for holding a New Year's corporate party online. A couple of days before the event, the courier will deliver the necessary materials, and during the party you will connect to the broadcast, where the host (who is also the artist) will be waiting for you. By the way, drawing skills are not required at all. In the process, you will create a picture that will always remind you of an unusual corporate event.


Our team will conduct a familiar intellectual quiz in an online format. A team of writers and editors will write a script and select questions based on the specifics of your company. The advantage of the event is that employees will be able to participate directly from home. The quiz will help to unite colleagues, demonstrate corporate values ​​and have fun.

Master Class

Sometimes you need not just a fun, but also a useful corporate event. Our team will conduct a culinary or creative master class. We will prepare and send the necessary details to employees in advance, since the event will be held remotely. Communication between the presenter and participants will take place in a video conference format. During the master class, employees will learn life hacks and unusual facts, share their observations and have a great time.

Examples of events carried out

New Year's corporate party "Sigma"
New Year's corporate party "Sigma"
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New Years corporate party
New Years corporate party
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