Corporate sports day of the company 

This is a competitive event organized for company employees and aimed at strengthening team spirit, increasing motivation and improving the overall physical fitness of the team. Spartakiads include football and volleyball, running and swimming, chess and other types of activities. The purpose of such an event is not only healthy competition, but also the exchange of experience, communication with colleagues and strengthening relationships within the organization.

  • Work of the whole team;
  • Variety of competitions;
  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle;
  • Vivid impressions. 

Sports venues

Sports complexes and stadiums

They provide locations for training, competitions, award ceremonies and recreation for teams, and also have their own professional equipment and inventory. From a football arena to a golf course, let the team choose based on their tastes and hobbies.

Parks and squares

Urban open-air playgrounds are also equipped with exercise equipment and equipment: from ping-pong tables to basketball hoops. Green areas are also convenient for running races and marathons.

Ski resorts

Suitable for various winter competitions: ski relays, figure skating, hockey matches, air cushion races. You can also learn snowboarding or curling.

Fitness rooms and sports clubs

A small indoor area is suitable for a small group who wants to do aerobics, gymnastics, table tennis, billiards or even squash.

Examples of events carried out

Corporate Spartakiad of Rosvodokanal
Corporate Spartakiad of Rosvodokanal
More details
PES Spartakiad
PES Spartakiad
More details
More details

Advantages of corporate sports days

Forming a strong and confident team

Sports competitions help unite employees, develop a sense of solidarity and teach mutual support. During the Spartakiad, both informal team leaders and responsible and reliable performers are noticeable.

Improving employee efficiency

Participation in sporting events can be an additional incentive for employees, since they see the company’s concern for the team and in practice understand what success can be achieved with established interaction and clear setting of goals. In addition, a general increase in tone and a surge of energy increase work productivity, and victories in competitions increase self-esteem.

Improved health

The Spartakiad encourages physical activity among employees. Stretching muscles and joints, pumping up the immune system, ultraviolet baths and fresh air - all this strengthens the body, especially when it’s the season for colds and vitamin deficiency. With the help of corporate sports events, you reduce the number of sick days for employees, because they feel better, do not suffer from work stress and are not prone to professional burnout.

Brand promotion

Corporate sports competitions can be held on a regular basis and be part of the company’s event marketing. Holding a branded corporate event attracts the attention of bloggers, journalists, influencers and simply sports fans. All this strengthens the company’s positive reputation and maintains its popularity, increasing recognition among the target audience.
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Stages of organizing a sports day

Application and brief
The client tells us about his requirements and wishes for the event.

You need to indicate the number of guests, budget, preferred format and duration. This way we can organize a sports festival with an interesting program. Preparation
We help with the selection and design of the site: we zoning the location, adding corporate decor, bringing props and setting up equipment.

We also help with transfers, catering, and finding judges and coaches. Competitions
On this day, your team will participate in the sports competition and enjoy entertainment events.

We will help with navigation on the site, conduct a warm-up, monitor timing and arrange an awards ceremony. Final report
We will collect feedback from you, help with writing reviews and post-releases for social networks and our websites, and also provide video or photographic materials.

Our principles
We value sincerity in everything we do and strive to establish trusting relationships with clients. Following high moral and ethical standards, we openly discuss our opportunities and offer transparent prices and conditions.
Our company is looking for creative ways to organize events and uses new technologies, including in conducting online events and selecting visual effects. We think creatively and strive to exceed our clients' expectations to make every event unique.
We understand that details are of utmost importance in business and corporate events. Therefore, we pay special attention to organizational and technical aspects, from timing to collecting feedback. Our goal is to provide impeccable quality events to ensure guests' satisfaction.
Our company prides itself on its ability to bring clients' ideas to life. We understand the importance of meeting obligations, so we complete all tasks on time. Our approach and team organization guarantee that events are carried out strictly in accordance with the intended goals.
Our team consists of professionals with more than 10 years of experience and knowledge in the event field. Our commitment to excellence helps us achieve high results in providing various services for business events and event marketing.