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Organizing an offsite corporate event Large companies hold corporate events several times a year. This is a reason to unite the team,
Organization of a company anniversary An anniversary is a significant event for every company, so its implementation requires preparation, choice
On December 22, power engineers officially celebrate their professional holiday. If you decide to organize a corporate party for this occasion, we
Celebrating Accountant's Day is a great opportunity to spend time with the team and celebrate achievements
Winter is a great time to spend
Holding a corporate party for the New Year New Year's corporate party is an important tradition for companies where employees do not have
Organization of corporate events Corporate events are an important part of the work process. Without a full-fledged collective rest in
Why you need exhibition organizing services Diversity Exhibitions help refresh conferences and other business events.
What is a Zoom party and how does it work? An online party sounds unusual. In fact, Zoom Parties have started to gain popularity
What does holding forums and seminars in St. Petersburg include? The forum helps you learn new things, ask questions to people with such
How to hold a themed corporate party Many holidays are celebrated every week in Russia! If your professional holiday
Corporate radio for employees Corporate radio is an effective tool for communication between the company and employees.
The briefing time does not exceed thirty to forty minutes. The event should be relaxed and easy. Organization
New Year's Eve remotely is an interesting experience of celebrating the most magical day of the year.
Organizing a corporate trip for the New Year is possible in any format: horse riding, snowboarding or skiing, tubing,
How to choose a presenter for an event Selecting a presenter is an important process that must be approached with all responsibility. Eat
Organizing and conducting hybrid events Hybrid events are a chance to combine an online audience and an offline audience.
Organizing and holding press conferences is a responsible process that requires professionalism and knowledge of all the intricacies
Organizing an online conference Online conferences are relevant in our time. To participate in such events, you only need a laptop
What are Online Team Buildings? These are team-building adventures that are not limited to any one specific
When preparing an event, every detail is important. Of course, an important basis for preparing any event is setting the stage and
Are you planning to open a new store, office, or branch? You want to make this opening solemn, bright, and so that everyone
Organization of conferences Organizing business events is a complex and painstaking process, so entrust it to us. We will create
Online events sound interesting and unusual, they appeared not so long ago, but we already know how to create them in a way that will be fun and interesting
Organization of business tourism MICE - these are special events that are aimed at training and development of company employees,
Builder's Day is celebrated annually on the second Sunday of August. This is a good opportunity to remind colleagues about the importance of the work that
A business breakfast is an event that entrepreneurs hold for their business partners. Typically, these events
Online corporate party for February 23 February 23 is Defender of the Fatherland Day, which is celebrated everywhere in Russia, Kyrgyzstan and
How to hold a corporate party on March 8 in an online format An online corporate party on March 8 is a new way to congratulate women on the holiday.
February 23 is an occasion to congratulate people who served in the army and get together for a fun
The eighth of March is international women's day, on which it is customary to congratulate all ladies on their
Organization of winter team building Team building is an event aimed at uniting the work team. This is very
Organization of business events For more than 10 years, the Aventura event agency has been organizing business events that help our
Organization of sports events Sports can become an important part of the corporate culture of any company. And even when the weather
Organization of summer team building Summer team building is an opportunity for colleagues to relax together, learn to communicate with each other and
Organizing team building in nature Team building events in open areas have many advantages at any time of the year.
Rope team building A rope course is one of the most effective ways to increase team spirit and develop leadership skills in
Why team building is important Team building is about bringing the team closer not only to each other, but also to management. for this reason
Organization and holding of Oil Worker Day Oil and Gas Worker Day is celebrated annually on the first Sunday
Where to hold a summer corporate event Summer is a good time to organize a cool and interesting corporate event for employees.
Organizing a sports corporate event A sports corporate event is one of the options for sharing recreation with colleagues. This kind
Organizing a corporate party for Chemist's Day Chemist's Day is a holiday of people who contribute to various spheres of life: from
Organization of a corporate party on Trade Day Trade Workers' Day is celebrated on the fourth Saturday of July throughout the country. Trade
Corporate sports day of the company This is a competitive event organized for company employees and aimed at
Organization of sports team building The uniqueness of our sports team building lies in the individual approach to each
A boat trip in honor of a calendar or corporate holiday is an excellent event option for any company. Panoramic views,
Organizing a family day Family day is a corporate event that involves attending events of any format together with members
Organizing a corporate party in nature A corporate party in nature is a great way to celebrate any general calendar or
Corporate master class An unusual format of a collective training event dedicated to a generally accepted holiday or
Organizing a turnkey corporate event To maintain corporate culture, it is important to pay attention to informal communication
Bright, beautiful photos await you after a walk with these four-legged friends of man! Huskies are the friendliest, cutest and
Do you want to have an active time or have an unusual corporate holiday? Then BumperBall is what you need. "BumperBall" -
Are you planning to hold a corporate event with a buffet? Do you want to make your anniversary, banquet or wedding day bright and
Holding any event, be it a conference, seminar, corporate event, concert, exhibition or party, is unthinkable without
Are you planning to celebrate a birthday out of town or go on a picnic with friends? Organize an offsite corporate event, seminar or
"Mini golf" is an entertaining sports game in which participants, using clubs, must drive a small ball into
Surely each of us has ever played the exciting computer game “Angry Birds”, which quickly won
A pyramid of glasses is one of the most beautiful decorations that you can order for any important event! Your guests will receive
The history of chocolate goes back several thousand years. The Indians were the first to discover the special taste of cocoa beans, crushed grains
Don't know how to diversify your evening? Do you want to decorate your holiday and add some shock value? Order the Lady Buffet service. To
Is the holiday over? The balloons have flown away, the flowers have wilted, the costumes are hanging in the closet, the feast is over and everything is gradually starting to be forgotten?
A hookah is a smoking device that allows you to filter and cool inhaled smoke. This device is called differently in different countries,
The modern world is changing quite quickly and dynamically. Society demands more and more new ideas, technologies and opportunities
You always want to capture every moment of your holiday in photographs. But so often receiving finished photographic works turns out to be
You can order a hot air balloon ride or rent a hot air balloon from us. Fly in a hot air balloon. Take a ride on
Order buses, order a bus. You will never have problems with the bus being stuffy or
Do you want to pleasantly surprise your guests? Do you want your event to have some “zest”? Then you need a table football.
Have you ever dreamed of becoming a screen star and filming your own music video? Imagined yourself on a big stage under
An outdoor bar is one of the new services in the catering industry. Currently, it is very popular and the demand for it is constantly growing. Before
If your event is planned outside the city or in nature, then you will definitely need plastic tables and chairs! But buy
We always associate archery and crossbow with adventure, courage, and unfailing romance. And if the crossbow
Have you ever dreamed of traveling around the world by ship? Or about a walk along the sea coast with your girlfriend on
Don't know what to give to your friends? Tired of wandering around the shops looking for a good and interesting gift? Give a friendly cartoon! Cartoon –
A plasma panel for rent is an excellent opportunity to show guests at an event a slide show, video, presentation, and generally anything else.
Laser show, light show, stage smoke, soap bubbles, and stage snow! The effects with which your holiday will be
Rental of professional equipment for organizing events and
Rental of projection equipment, projectors, LED screens, plasma panels,