Organization and holding of Oilman's Day

Oil and Gas Worker's Day is celebrated annually on the first Sunday of September. This holiday is celebrated by geologists, drillers, technologists and builders at gas and oil facilities.

The work of people working in the oil industry is invaluable and very important. The successful work of agricultural activities, the national economy and simply the lives of all citizens depend on this activity.

Oil workers are engaged in drilling wells, extracting oil, gas, exploring fields, and so on. This work is not only difficult, but also dangerous, so the profession deserves special respect!

  • A corporate culture is being formed;
  • A friendly atmosphere is created within the team;
  • Employees' rest;
  • Reduced turnover;
  • You can choose any type of corporate event;
  • Works as team building and strengthens team spirit.

Our advantages


We create creative events, but we always work under a contract.

We work according to technical requirements and brief

We do only what you want and always work after approval. We care about your wishes.

Creating a presentation

To make it more clear, we will show you how we see your holiday with our own eyes.

Everything is checked

We collaborate with proven presenters, speakers and artists.


We have been working for more than 10 years and have organized many events, so we can do everything and even more.

Personal manager

We provide a manager who is in touch with you 24/7.

How we hold a corporate event on Oilman's Day

  • For Oilman's Day, we develop a creative concept for the holiday and write a script that your company will like. We gladly accept your ideas and suggestions!

  • We select a place. Especially for your event. We take everything into account: the number of people, the presence of a lot of activity at the holiday, and so on. Everyone will be comfortable.

  • Scenery. We decorate the selected location, if necessary, build a stage, dance floor, photo zone.  

  • Organization of catering and transfer to the celebration site.

  • Taking photos and videos for memory. May you remember this holiday for a long time!

Formats for Oilman's Day

Corporate event

An event to celebrate in a familiar working company. A good reason to take a break from work and chat with colleagues.


An event that will help you not only relax, but also get closer to colleagues. Become friends and see each other from new sides.

Online corporate event

A corporate event that you can attend right from your couch or even from another city. A great way to gather all your employees for a holiday and celebrate Oil Worker's Day on Skype in an unusual way!


Hold a concert on Oilman's Day and give your colleagues emotions and a good mood.

Examples of events carried out

Communication Day
Communication Day
More details
Initiation into the oil industry
Initiation into the oil industry
More details
Photo and video
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