Artist: Professional circus show
City: Any city
Type: Original genre

Incredible stunts in the air, fiery performances with hula hoops, extreme shows with snakes, knives and nails, magic tricks - this and much more are in the arsenal of our artists Olga and Bakyt.

Olga and Bakyt are professional circus performers with more than 15 years of experience. They are laureates of the international circus festival in China in 2007 and bronze medalists of the circus festival in Izhevsk in 2009. Olga and Bakyt have performed in different countries of the world for many years: Japan, Spain, USA, China, UAE, Canary Islands, and also toured Russian cities, including Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Acrobatic performances performed by Olga and Bakyt will take you to the world of flight and weightlessness. In an aerial dance, they seem to soar above the clouds, causing delight among the audience. Their extreme show evokes no less strong emotions. It is difficult to imagine how a person bends an iron rod with his own body, or withstands a weight 100 times heavier than himself.

Well, the program performed by a virtuoso magician and hatter will surprise both the youngest viewers and sophisticated adult audiences.