Artist: Tima Belorusskikh
City: Any city
Type: Pop Stars
Tima Belorusskikh is a talented Minsk rapper who became popular in 2018 with the track “Wet Crosses.” This is the name of the video, which has collected hundreds of thousands of views on the YouTube video hosting site and topped the Yandex.Music charts. With the same track, Tim won the “Hit of the Year” nomination at the “ZHARA Music Awards”. Next came “Forget-Me-Not,” which also became a hit. After the publication of the tracks, people started talking about the Belarusians throughout the CIS. Until that moment, almost nothing had been heard about the guy, but now he is actively pursuing a musical career and enjoying the fame that suddenly fell on him. By ordering Tima Belorusskikh for your holiday, you will experience real delight!