Organization of sporting events

Today, a corporate sports party is an opportunity for the entire team at any time of the year to shed negative energy and recharge with positive emotions. And if desired, an event with activities can be organized for an important professional date, be it a company anniversary or the closure of a major project. The Aventura event agency offers various types of sporting events at indoor and outdoor Moscow venues.
  • We develop individual concepts and scenarios for events to suit your taste, and coordinate with you all the details of the upcoming event;

  • We have a large selection of stage groups and high-level artists;

  • Venues for events are designed by us on a turnkey basis

Sports Options

  • Summer tournaments in football, volleyball, basketball, baseball, tennis, ping-pong, frisbee;
  • Winter tournaments in hockey, snowboarding, biathlon, figure skating;
  • Bike races, ski marathons, walking relays;
  • Competitions in paintball, darts, bowling, billiards, chess and checkers;
  • Outdoor and outdoor sports: hiking and trekking, rock climbing and speleology, orienteering;
  • Military sports games (fighter course, classes in shooting clubs and at tank training grounds);
  • Extreme sports: skydiving, base jumping, parkour, roller skating, etc.;
  • Water sports: rafting, kayaking or kayaking on mountain rivers, sailing regattas, diving, surfing;
  • Team building (ropes course, obstacle course, Formula 1).

Examples of sporting events

Rostelecom sporting event
Rostelecom sporting event
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Tourist rally Gazpromneft
Tourist rally Gazpromneft
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Great Football Festival
Great Football Festival
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Benefits of hosting sporting events

Able to unite employees against the backdrop of leaving their comfort zone and striving for a team victory in competitions;

Increase the team’s loyalty to management by taking care of the physical condition of employees;

They provide new forms of motivation for overall career achievements and make work more productive;

They save you from burnout and the consequences of work stress.

Photo and video

Stages of organizing a sporting event

First steps

Based on the wishes of the team and management, a program is developed in accordance with the chosen sports discipline. The scenario includes competition rules (difficulty, duration, elimination structure and victory criteria), location design, and award ceremony. In accordance with the approved program, expenditure estimates are drawn up within the budget.

Solving technical issues and infrastructure problems

This includes searching and renting a site (for example, a stadium or a tourist center), musical accompaniment, delivery of equipment and sports paraphernalia, discussion of transfers and field services.


In any such event, presenters, coaches, judges, as well as a group of fans play a big role. If the meeting continues after the sport, waiters, DJs, artists, etc. may be needed.

Instructions and training

At the beginning of the event, competition participants become familiar with the rules (not only of the sport itself, but also of safety) and master the equipment. A warm-up or practice game is the key to immersing yourself in the atmosphere of competition. You can't do without an official opening ceremony.

Main part

Depending on the event, the event can be held in the format of a championship, tournament, Olympics or Spartakiad, friendly match, etc. Individual or group testing is possible.


After the results are counted, the final ceremony begins. The winners receive cups, medals, diplomas and other prizes.


When the event is over, participants give feedback. After some time, the company receives a video or photo report with the most striking moments of the sports event.
Our principles
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