Organization of business events

For more than 10 years, the Aventura event agency has been organizing business events that help our clients reach new heights in business. Our company targets a wide range of clients, including entrepreneurs, company executives and business professionals. We strive to help everyone who is looking for opportunities to develop their business, expand their network of contacts and share knowledge.
  • We develop individual concepts and scenarios for events to suit your taste, and coordinate with you all the details of the upcoming event;

  • We have a large selection of stage groups and high-level artists;

  • Venues for events are designed by us on a turnkey basis

Business event formats

Business breakfasts

Informal meetings in a cozy atmosphere that facilitate the establishment of business connections. We help organize business breakfasts where you can enjoy excellent food and discuss important issues at the same time.


We create unique exhibition spaces where you can showcase your products and services, attract new customers and establish partnerships.

Press conferences

It is important to organize the details so that the press conference goes smoothly and professionally, as this is what creates a positive image of the company for the media. We will prepare this event with a full understanding of its features and objectives in order to create confidence among those present.


Educational activities that help participants acquire new knowledge and skills. We organize structured seminars with qualified speakers, organize lunch breaks and help with the preparation of printing materials.

Venues for business events

Conference rooms

Premises that are used for organizing meetings, negotiations and conferences designed for a large number of participants. Conference rooms must be equipped with congress systems, be able to provide simultaneous translation, demonstrate video materials and presentations, and also have good acoustics.

Exhibition centers

These premises, as a rule, have a large area and can accommodate hundreds of visitors. The centers conduct presentations, trade fairs, Exhibitions, implying demonstration of goods or advanced technologies.


An excellent option if participants arrive from other cities or countries: in this case there is no need for transfer. Most modern hotels have conference rooms equipped with lighting and sound equipment, projectors and wide-format screens. The hotels also have restaurants where you can order a buffet or coffee break.

Virtual sites

Despite the lifting of restrictions, some companies are taking advantage of the opportunity to hold an event in hybrid or online format. There are many options for premises equipped with uninterrupted Internet, audio and video equipment that provides high-quality image and sound.

Examples of business events

Russian-Kazakh Forum
Russian-Kazakh Forum
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Code/R Conference
Code/R Conference
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Conference "Beauty and Health"
Conference "Beauty and Health"
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Why is a business event necessary?

  • These events provide an opportunity to meet and network with other people related to your business. You can establish new business connections, exchange experiences and ideas.

  • Business events also help strengthen relationships with your existing clients and partners. You can show them appreciation, show you care, and build their loyalty to your company.

  • At exhibitions, seminars and presentations you can present your product, expanding the sales market and increasing the number of potential buyers. In addition, such events make it possible to find not only Russian, but also foreign investors and business partners.

  • By attending various master classes and conferences, you gain new knowledge about technologies and current trends in the industry. Modern business events allow you to increase your expertise and also share your experience with other representatives of the business sphere.

Photo and video

Stages of organizing a business event

First stage

At this stage, we call each other and organize an online or offline meeting where we discuss all the details. After which you will fill out a brief about your future event.


At this stage, the idea and style of the event are developed, which reflect its essence. This includes the choice of format, decor, type of design. We are ready to agree on all these details with you.


At this stage, all aspects of the event are carefully developed: venue, program, additional services (for example, catering or artist performances), equipment, transport, and so on.

Event Coverage

The success of the event largely depends on the awareness of the audience. Therefore, we use various sources to ensure that as many potential clients and partners as possible are informed about the event.

Day X

On the appointed date, we will ensure the prompt completion of all activities, coordinate the work of the team, monitor compliance with the schedule and help guests with any questions that arise.

Final stage

After the end of the event, we provide photo and video materials, and also evaluate the effectiveness of the event. To do this, we collect feedback from participants and are interested in your impressions.
Our principles
We value sincerity in everything we do and strive to establish trusting relationships with clients. Following high moral and ethical standards, we openly discuss our opportunities and offer transparent prices and conditions.
Our company is looking for creative ways to organize events and uses new technologies, including in conducting online events and selecting visual effects. We think creatively and strive to exceed our clients' expectations to make every event unique.
We understand that details are of utmost importance in business and corporate events. Therefore, we pay special attention to organizational and technical aspects, from timing to collecting feedback. Our goal is to provide impeccable quality events to ensure guests' satisfaction.
Our company prides itself on its ability to bring clients' ideas to life. We understand the importance of meeting obligations, so we complete all tasks on time. Our approach and team organization guarantee that events are carried out strictly in accordance with the intended goals.
Our team consists of professionals with more than 10 years of experience and knowledge in the event field. Our commitment to excellence helps us achieve high results in providing various services for business events and event marketing.