A motor ship corporate event is much more than a classic walk on the water with a banquet. As part of such an event, you can organize a party, quiz, master class, quest, buffet and other leisure formats both in the summer and in the off-season. As a bonus, you get beautiful views of nature or the city embankment from new angles and can take spectacular photographs.
  • We develop individual concepts and scenarios for events to suit your taste, and coordinate with you all the details of the upcoming event;

  • We have a large selection of stage groups and high-level artists;

  • Venues for events are designed by us on a turnkey basis.

Advantages of a corporate event on a ship

Ready for any weather

If the city is hit by record heat, you can take refuge on the boat from the strong sun and at the same time enjoy the fresh air. And in case of rain, a closed deck always helps out.

the freedom of action

By renting a ship, you get a platform that you can manage yourself. Choose the desired format of off-site service, bring your own alcohol without a corkage fee, come up with creative options for decorating the vessel or even zoning the decks.


Depending on the model of the ship, you can organize a cozy corporate party for one office, or a long event for hundreds of guests with relaxation in separate cabins.

Excursions and picnics

If the ship is scheduled to dock, you can combine a corporate event with exploring new places and forays into nature.

Convenience and safety

Motor ships are silent and fast. They don’t get stuck in traffic jams and allow you to see a maximum of interesting places in a minimum amount of time, so the corporate event program will be doubly rich. At the same time, you do not need to worry about transfer and logistics issues.


The ship is a separate isolated area; you do not need to share it with other visitors or wait for uninvited guests to arrive. Random people will also not be allowed to attend this event.

Formats of corporate events on the ship

Training or master class

It is convenient to carry out educational and educational events on the ship thanks to the prepared infrastructure: furniture, microphones, speakers, stage, etc. Such an event may have coffee breaks for a buffet on the next deck. The ship premises have an excellent heating and air conditioning system, so participants will be comfortable in any weather.


On the deck you can always organize fiery dances, as well as sing karaoke and, of course, arrange a massive photo shoot against the backdrop of beautiful water landscapes. If desired, the event can be thematic, i.e. dedicated to a country, time period, work of art, etc. Where else if not on a ship to feel like, for example, a pirate, right?


On the one hand, the space of the ship can be considered too limited for a dynamic team adventure. But with proper zoning of space and clear navigation of guests on the ship, it is quite possible to organize a game story program. Participants will have to perform tests in different cabins and on decks.

Conferences and presentations

Business and marketing events can easily be organized in an unusual location, and the ship is one of them. Invite clients, partners, investors onto the ship and tell them about your successes and new products, or discuss trends in your business industry. The event can end with a stylish banquet.


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Russian-Kazakh Forum
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20 years of MAHA Russia
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Why should you book a corporate party on a ship with us?

We will help you select and rent a suitable vessel

We will bring and connect lighting and sound equipment, projectors

We will provide video and photo support

We will write out the event scenario in detail in accordance with your wishes and budget.

We will solve problems with catering

We will find the best presenters, animators and artists

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