How to Promote Events on Instagram

The opportunity to follow someone else’s life and demonstrate your own has ceased to seem like something forbidden and wrong, and now it is “interesting-fashionable-youth”

Instagram is a fairly young social network, however, its users are among the most active in the world. Every day we check our Instagram feed several times a day and do not skimp on likes to friends and acquaintances, subscribe to the profiles of stars, favorite brands and events. We often even learn news from Instagram. The opportunity to follow someone else’s life and demonstrate your own has ceased to seem like something forbidden and wrong, and now it is “interesting-fashionable-youth”, and therefore effective for promoting events and events.

How to start this process? We offer you a simple and effective algorithm for creating and promoting your client account.

account settings

Create a business account on Instagram - it's very easy. Use title as name Events or company. Don't forget to integrate your account with Facebook.

Account content

This is where you should post all the information about the event. Photos of stars, announcement of the event itself, photos from past events. Don't forget to indicate the location, time, and directions. And tell us about where and for what amount you can buy tickets, what promotions and discounts exist.

Opinion leader support

Opinion leaders are Instagram users with a large number of followers and a loyal audience. They are distinguished by the fact that the audience considers their opinion authoritative and listens to it, all other things being equal, chooses exactly the event that has been marked with a quality mark. That's why marketers around the world are actively choosing a strategy of collaborating with opinion leaders. You can agree on publication directly or using special services such as BlaBlaBlogger, Labelup or Instach.

Search for target audience

Finding your target audience can be greatly simplified by programmatic hashtag collection methods. This option is available in Instagram parser programs. You can also search by geolocation, which is indicated by Instagram users when uploading photos.


Remember, hashtags are the fundamental point of this service. Thanks to them, the user will be able to find you. Even though Instagram has an unlimited number of characters, try to highlight only the key points. The excess of words and symbols looks quite intrusive.

Competitions on Instagram

What is it for? Of course, to make subscribers active participants in the event. You can set the desired theme for the competition, and creative ideas from clients will not keep you waiting. Here, by the way, you can find many creative solutions for promoting an event.

If you decide to launch a competition, don’t skimp on the prize. The more people who want to compete for championship laurels, the more they will learn about your event. In pursuit of winnings, participants will spread the advertising you need like a virus.

Don't forget to open the poll. This will spur participants to more active competition and to attract friends and acquaintances to participate.


Instagram has proven to be effective for promoting anything. This means that the main thing is to learn how to properly use the network as a tool, and your event will become popular and receive a lot of likes.  

Right now: use hashtags, likes and leave comments. After all, the best way to get attention from people is to show it to them. Interact, maintain polite communication, and people will definitely want to do business with you and your company.

And if you need professional help, our team will help you promote your event not only on Instagram, but also through other advertising channels. Experienced specialists of our company implement the most popular hashtags and achieve the best results in the shortest possible time at low financial costs.
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