Artist: Gymnast Natalya Kazantseva
City: Any city
Type: Original genre

If you love the circus and exciting circus acts, this show is for you! Believe me, Natalya will decorate your event with mesmerizing, delightfully graceful numbers. Her show is always a very bright, spectacular moment at any event. Corporate celebration, wedding, birthday, graduation party, concert or presentation - Natalia Kazantseva’s performance will always be welcome everywhere. The hearts of spectators not only in St. Petersburg and Moscow, but throughout the whole country cannot resist her charm and talent!

Natalya is a professional of the highest level. Many times she became a prize-winner and winner of circus festivals and competitions of the All-Russian and International scale.

Natalya Kazantseva, representative of the Kazantsev circus dynasty, graduate of the national circus group-school “Firebird” under the leadership of Lyudmila Kazantseva, Chelyabinsk.
Laureate and winner of many All-Russian and International circus festivals and competitions. Now Natalya is an irreplaceable participant in all significant projects and the largest events in St. Petersburg. She is a regular guest of the largest city venues: the Yubileiny Sports Palace, the Ice Palace Sports and Concert Complex of the St. Petersburg Sports and Concert Complex, and the Music Hall Theater. Celebrations at the Variety Theater rarely take place without it. A.I. Raikin, in the “Palace of Congresses” in Strelna and in the “Manege of the Cadet Corps”.

Natalia Kazantseva's repertoire includes many chic decorations for your events. The exclusive show "Aerial Chandelier", the dangerous and graceful stunt "Aerial Ring", the manual balancing act "Girl on a Ball" or the masterpiece of aerial gymnastics "Aerial Canvases" - you can see all this with your own eyes! Just dial our number and you will find yourself in the world of the circus full of surprises and secrets!