Off-site corporate event for the New Year

On the eve of the New Year, companies take stock of their work in the past year and make plans for the future while enjoying a comfortable holiday in nature. This type of recreation allows you to take a break from offices and work in workshops. Involves all employees into the common cause, while emphasizing the importance of each person.

Outdoor celebrations in the fresh air, especially on New Year's Eve, are popular. Their organization is supported by specialized companies. It is enough to announce the budget that your company is willing to spend on organizing a corporate retreat in order to get a turnkey event outside the city.

  • Free site selection;
  • Author's scripts;
  • Large selection of professional presenters;
  • Turnkey site design;
  • Large selection of artists and various groups. 

Options for New Year's corporate events in nature

Cooking master class

This format is ideal for those people who have long dreamed of, but still could not try themselves as a cook. The event can take place not only in a restaurant, but also outside the city, for example in an equipped cottage. A real culinary show is an opportunity to jointly prepare a dish, which in the future may well qualify for the title of “corporate”. And after cooking, enjoy its unusual taste in a cozy atmosphere.

Art party

This is the place where everyone present can feel like Picasso or Salvador Dali. By painting a picture together, many participants discover a craving for new hobbies that they would not have even dared to try a few weeks ago. The resulting masterpiece may well claim a place of honor in the office. And the event itself can be held outside the city.

Business meetings

Conducted online and offline. This format fits quite easily into the New Year’s event for the reason that, due to the pandemic, many people spent a lot of time in isolation. New Year's Eve is a real reason to finally meet offline not only with employees of the organization, but also with business partners. In reality, outside the city, in nature, it is much more pleasant to make plans for the future.

Country horseback riding, meeting northern animals

In everyday life, too little time is spent communicating with the animal world. Communicating with reindeer and riding dogs in a sled are exactly the kind of entertainment that you can fully enjoy in winter.

Why should you contact us?

When ordering a corporate event at a trusted location, the client:

Fits within the amount of money that I planned to spend on a corporate event

Has a complete understanding of how much and what exactly he pays for

Receives assistance in choosing a location for the event, drawing up a holiday script, and solving organizational issues

Has a 100% guarantee that the event will take place according to plan, and employees will receive satisfaction from participating in it

Pros and cons of an off-site corporate party for the New Year

Holding a corporate event outside the city in nature has many advantages

  • team building, commitment to corporate culture;

  • implementation of team spirit;

  • the opportunity to prove yourself, get noticed, and advance your career;

  • a great vacation in the company of like-minded people and those people who have a direct impact on your success.

There are practically no disadvantages to corporate winter holidays

Of course, winter is a cold season, and not everyone likes the cold.

Meanwhile, if you dress for a corporate event according to the season, the risk of freezing and any other inconveniences is practically eliminated.

Stages of organizing a corporate party for the New Year outside the city

Negotiations with the customer, drawing up a program and designating the goal and format of the event

Searching for a location and agreeing on the location of the event

Selection of props, presenters, photo and videographer

Menu coordination

Location design


Examples of New Year's corporate events

New Year's corporate party Sovcombank
New Year's corporate party Sovcombank
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New Year's corporate party "Sigma"
New Year's corporate party "Sigma"
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New Years corporate party
New Years corporate party
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