Organizing a corporate event in nature

A corporate outdoor event is a great way for your team to celebrate any general calendar or professional holiday, as well as for yourself to relax in honor of an important corporate date. Open areas usually offer a relaxed atmosphere, where you can order catering services and strengthen your immune system. Such leisure time is remembered for a long time and gives fresh impressions, allowing you to escape from work tasks and get to know your colleagues better.


  • Non-standard approach to the solution. Creation of personal scenarios and event concepts.

  • Variety of artists, presenters and equipment.

  • Design of a corporate event from the planning stage to execution.

Options for corporate events in nature


Active games outdoors have fewer restrictions than indoors, so there are more opportunities for team building in nature. A solid plot with a specific simulated situation, where there is a common goal and different options for achieving it, helps to unite the team, develop strategic thinking and unleash creative potential.

Sports corporate event

Outdoor recreation is possible in the format of collective and individual sports, when teams or individual players compete for a prize. You can make a championship or tournament in a specific sport or combine your favorite/unexpected ones by holding an Olympics or Spartakiad. Here it is important to take into account the physical fitness of employees, the level of excitement and tastes: some people like calm events, like curling, while others like dynamic events that take them out of their comfort zone, for example, car racing.


As in team building, the plot plays an important role in quests, i.e. initial data that determines the general atmosphere, design of the site, props, etc. In quests, participants always face a series of tasks: intelligence, ingenuity, reaction speed, logic, etc. Add to this a competitive element and the need to explore the area around - a cool corporate event is guaranteed. The quest can be historical, thematic (including corporate), environmental, as well as on foot, by car and by bicycle.

Extreme holiday

Events for those who want to try something new and tickle their nerves by testing their courage, leadership skills, endurance and strength. This could be mountaineering, rafting, kayaking, diving, overcoming an obstacle course, helicopter rides, etc. This also includes military-tactical competitions and survival adventure games.

Rope course

Overcoming obstacles and completing common tasks in a specialized rope park is a proven option for a unifying and fun corporate event. Some of the tasks can be organized at heights, others on the ground. The basis of everything is movement: the team will jump, climb, crawl and look for exits.

Communication with animals

If the corporate event is held in warm weather, you can ride horses, and if in cold weather, try your hand at driving a dog sled. A universal option is to go to an eco-farm (for example, a deer, ostrich or llama farm), feed the animals and listen to a tour.

Family Day

Corporate event for the whole family. Invite your employees' children and their significant other to such an event. You can choose absolutely any format, or you can place different gaming, sports and intellectual areas in one location, so that everyone can find something to their liking. Family Day works great to increase employee loyalty to the company.

Tourist leisure

Organize a full-fledged gathering for several days with orienteering competitions or conduct a small hike over the weekend. The main thing is to pitch tents, learn how to make a fire, cook camp food, play the guitar, go fishing, and also swim in the local pond. If the area and time allow, you can go hiking and trekking to get to know the surroundings better and take picturesque photos.

Master Class

In the fresh air, employees feel relaxed and calm, which means they are ready to learn new things. Organize an off-site culinary studio under the supervision of a professional chef for the holiday, stage a corporate dance, learn to play musical instruments, draw from the landscape, etc. After all, nature always lends itself to creativity.

Eco holiday

Combine an event with caring for nature. You can clean the coastal area of ​​the reservoir, collect garbage in the forest, hang birdhouses and feeders, and plant trees in the alley. Add a lecture to the program on how to properly sort waste, for example. You can end such a day with an eco-picnic or excursion.


It can be with elements of art therapy, quizzes, concerts, interactive shows, dances, etc. This holiday format is well suited as part of a multi-day corporate retreat program (in case of bad weather, for example) and for a boat trip. You can create a themed design and dress code, and end it all with a buffet or barbecue.

How is the cost of a corporate event formed?

The cost of services for the preparation and implementation of off-site corporate events consists of many details. The leading pricing factors are usually:

  • The remoteness of the location, the price of its rental and the complexity of logistics;

  • The intensity of the program itself and its duration;

  • Number of participants;

  • The need to deliver equipment and furniture;

  • Order food (buffet, picnic, banquet, etc.).

To find out the price of a corporate event, contact the company's managers. Based on your wishes, they can immediately calculate the approximate cost of the event. You can also select a corporate program from the budget already specified by the customer. The larger the budget, the wider the opportunities for exclusive and original content, and for organizing trips to the most beautiful and rare corners of the region, country or even the whole world.

Examples of corporate events in nature

Tourist rally Gazpromneft
Tourist rally Gazpromneft
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Tourist rally
Tourist rally
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Family festival "Weekend in nature"
Family festival "Weekend in nature"
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