Organization of a summer corporate party

A corporate event is an event aimed at relaxing with colleagues. But with the help of a corporate event, you can not only have a good rest in your usual company, but also get closer to your colleagues.

Now many companies have begun to monitor the atmosphere and relationships within the team, so corporate parties aimed at joint recreation are becoming in demand.

They are also indispensable for successful business, because how the work will go depends on the team and its cohesion. And this already generates income for the company.

Where to hold a summer corporate party

Summer is the perfect time to organize a cool and interesting corporate event for your employees. We have collected several ideas to make it easier for you to decide on the location of the event.

  • Equestrian Club
    You can dress up as Indians and go horseback riding. This is the most unusual corporate event for everyone. It is very popular among office workers.

  • Another city
    Why not go on an excursion to another city as a corporate event. You can choose an excursion route, or you can simply go to look at the most interesting sights of the city.

  • Tent in a country restaurant
    This is a classic version of a corporate event, only in the open air and in an excellent location. Just a break from work, deadlines and tasks. Helps you unwind and become more friendly.

  • SPA
    Relaxation not only for the body, but also for the soul.
    Go to the spa center with a small group. Absolutely all your colleagues will like this.

  • Forest
    Here you can organize not only a mushroom picking trip, but also a sports quest, a competition site, set up a camp and much more.

  • A corporate culture is being formed;
  • A friendly atmosphere is created within the team;
  • Employees' rest;
  • Will fit in well if you have hired a new staff;
  • Reduced turnover;
  • You can choose any type of corporate event;
  • Works as team building and strengthens team spirit.

Ideas and options for organizing a summer corporate event

There are many great places where you can hold a corporate event during the warmer months. Here is not everything that we managed to remember. We will create a turnkey corporate event for you according to your ideas and scenarios. Call or fill out the form on the website. Managers will make an appointment for you and answer all your questions.


Extreme, speed, off-road. A cool corporate option that is in great demand among office workers. High speed and racing in big cars in the forest will help relieve stress and tension.


Unusual, fun and for several days. Hiking usually takes place over the entire weekend, after which you need at least one more day to recover and go to work. Suitable for you if you are already a fairly friendly team. This event is mainly chosen by young companies.


Cool pastime for a small corporation. You can go rafting for one day and return in the evening, or you can spend the whole weekend on it. Ideal for a good rest and a complete change of scenery.


Great day in the forest. Divide into teams and compete in dexterity and ability to solve non-standard situations. Notice all the strengths and weaknesses of each other, take a break from work tasks and win prizes. A youthful and interesting way to relax at a corporate event.

Vacation home

Relaxation with family. You can rent a house on the shore of a lake or river and just relax. Grill kebabs, play sports games, take a swim. A quiet holiday with your beloved colleagues. In the evening, organize a board game tournament and give a gift to the winner. It will be interesting and very cozy.


Learn to kayak in 10 minutes with instructors and arrange a corporate kayak ride on the pond. An excellent event for a small company that loves active recreation and sports.


Cool and almost like an Olympics sporting competition. A great opportunity to show yourself, try healthy competition and throw out all your emotions. Sport is good not only for physical but also for emotional health.


Choose the most beautiful place outside the city: a forest, a field, a river or lake bank. Take plenty of food, a speaker with music, board games and just spend a few hours away from the city. Play with your colleagues and just relax.

Features of summer corporate events

Organizing a corporate event in the fresh air

A summer corporate party is a great opportunity to take a break not only from work tasks and the heat, but also to take a breath and even throw out negative emotions. When it’s hot, you especially want to relax, go on vacation, or just take a day off in the middle of the work week to walk in the park and enjoy this time of year.

Give all your colleagues the opportunity to take a break from everything in the world and just relax in an unusual environment with familiar company.

It’s fun, good for the morale of each participant in the work process, and what’s most interesting: in the summer you can choose absolutely any type of corporate event. You are limited only by your imagination and the desires of your colleagues.

How we organize a summer corporate event

Contact us. Write to us by email or call us by phone. Managers will answer all your questions, make an appointment and even calculate the approximate cost.

Meeting. We meet with you to discuss all the details. What kind of corporate event do you want, your ideas, suggestions, what corporate features can be used, and so on. This is necessary so that we understand exactly what you want.

Let's start work. We draw up a corporate plan, write a plan with timing. We think through everything down to the smallest detail. After that, we coordinate everything with you.

Preparing for the event. We rent a location, order catering, transfer. We decorate the premises, bring equipment and everything necessary for holding a corporate event according to your scenario.

Let's start the event. We make sure that everyone arrives on time, gets all the necessary things, and that no one gets lost. We keep the event on time and answer questions from guests. For now, don’t worry about anything and relax.

Feedback. We ask for your feedback about the holiday and our work. This is necessary for us to become better. You also receive from us photo and video materials from the corporate event.

Examples of events carried out

Summer team building "MegaFon Retail"
Summer team building "MegaFon Retail"
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Tourist rally
Tourist rally
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Family festival "Weekend in nature"
Family festival "Weekend in nature"
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Photo and video
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