Artist: "Insein Show"
City: Any city
Type: Original genre

The fiery and positive artists of the Insein Show combine inimitable stylization and carefully think through all the details when staging their performances. They give the audience the most powerful energy, which energizes everyone and leaves a lasting impression. The Insein Show routines are complex and sometimes dangerous stunts in which elements of breakdancing and acrobatics are skillfully combined with sparkling humor and ease of execution.

These artists are very popular not only in St. Petersburg, but also far beyond its borders, because they are participants in such television projects as “Minute of Glory” and “Dancing Without Rules.” And this is not all of their achievements. “Insein Show” twice became the winner of the GOLDEN STAFF in the nominations “best club show duet” and “original dance show”. But that's not all. Members of the Insein Show team are Russian breakdancing champions!

This team is truly unique. After all, participants in the “Insein Show” can be both original artists and event hosts. Thanks to their performances, absolutely every event turns into a dynamic, exciting show that remains in the memory of admiring spectators for a long time. In the Insein Show arsenal there are only unusual, original competitions and unique performances. The artists of this group give people an ocean of positivity and a storm of good emotions. An unobtrusive manner of conducting, light and always intelligent humor will make any of your celebrations a real holiday masterpiece. All you have to do is relax and enjoy.

If you are for a creative approach to holding your event and love everything unusual, then “Insein Show” is an excellent choice! With them, a spectacular and dynamic colorful show at your holiday is guaranteed “one hundred percent”!