Through riders to the stars. Or what is needed to organize a celebrity performance?

Famous artists, singers and musicians, actors and models will create resonance at any event. They will be the object of increased attention not only from guests, but also from the media, and will also become an additional PR move and advertising on social networks long before the start of the event. How not to make a mistake when choosing a celebrity person for a specific event? What you should pay attention to? And how much does this pleasure cost? Read about this in our article.

How to make a choice?

A star can be invited to an event as a speaker (for example, a presenter or artist) or as a VIP guest. To successfully select a celebrity that matches the format of the event, satisfy the wishes of the company management, and make the presence of the guest harmonious - the following recommendations will help you with this:

  1. Decide on the theme and format of the event. For example, for a corporate event and other public events, it is worth choosing a “neutral” pop musician who will appeal to the majority of listeners. In addition, the star's image must be consistent with the brand's image, that is, the star must be relevant to the company (like Jordan and Nike).

  2. Consider the geographic ambitions of the brand and the boundaries of the celebrity's popularity. For large-scale events across the country, choosing local stars will be ineffective.

  3. Assess your budget. Remember that celebrity pricing can vary significantly depending on various factors. Please note that an artist's fee is directly proportional to his popularity. Ask event specialists to select several options within the planned budget.

  4. Find a reliable agency. Organizing an artist’s performance on your own is quite a labor-intensive task, so it is better to turn to an event agency for help. Specialists will help you choose a suitable star, conduct negotiations, discuss the terms of the contract, agree on dates, provide technical and household riders, etc.

Star Requirements

When working with celebrities, it is important to fulfill a list of conditions and necessary points for comfortable cooperation and organizing a high-quality performance - the so-called rider. The receiving party undertakes to fulfill all conditions. Rider has two varieties.  

A technical rider is the necessary technical conditions for a professional performance: sound, lighting, stage, microphones, etc.

A household rider is a list of conditions for flight, accommodation, food, security, transfer, etc. Failure to comply with the rider’s conditions may lead to a conflict or even refusal of the artist to perform.

How much does a star cost?

The show business market is a very complex and constantly changing phenomenon. Here you cannot open a “menu” with specific price tags for this or that celebrity. A star's fee for each event can vary significantly. It consists of many nuances:

  • Event format: private and corporate, advertising, charity, political events, etc. In each case, the corresponding target audience, venue, and estimated budget will be planned. Therefore, for different formats, the star’s fee can be several times higher or lower.

  • Popularity. Of course, the more famous and recognizable the artist, the higher the demand and the more expensive his performance is. For example, Ivan Urgant, Grigory Leps, Timati, Yegor Creed are considered top celebrities, and their presence will amount to more than one million rubles.

  • Location. The level of comfortable transport, venue conditions, and site features directly affect the price. Distance from the capital can increase the cost of a star due to flights and accommodation.

  • The nature of the celebrity's speech. What exactly does a VIP guest do at the event: act as a host or sing on stage.

  • Date of. A star's performance will always cost an order of magnitude higher on a public or professional holiday, as well as on the eve of the New Year. Even weekends and weekdays differ in cost. It is important to consider that the closer the date of the planned event, the more difficult it is for the artist to “fit” it into his calendar. Therefore, you need to agree on performances in advance and make an advance payment on time.

  • The size of the audience also affects the specifics of the performance - with a soundtrack or with live music, with or without a dance group.

  • Additional expenses. In addition to the fee itself, be sure to take into account the provision of star riders, flights and accommodation.

Obviously, the choice of an artist directly depends on his popularity - whoever is well-known, “at the top”, is the one they want to see at events. But there is a certain magic of show business when artists who were once popular, but have retired from active touring, “shoot out” and create a stir. For example, stars of the 90s and 00s, including foreign ones, who are perfect for our audience. This is especially true for corporate parties and public events.

The Aventura event agency also cooperates with reliable booking agencies and popular artists. We'd love to help you find the perfect celebrity guest to suit your budget. Please your employees, partners, clients and colleagues, invite a star to the event.

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