How to choose a presenter for an event

Choosing a leader is an important process that must be approached with all responsibility. There are several important points that should be observed to ensure that the holiday goes exactly the way you want:

  • experience

Usually experienced presenters have a portfolio. Don't hesitate to ask him for it! Extensive work experience is important for a leader to IMAGINE

  • Education

Think about whether the specialized education of a presenter is so important to you, because a lawyer with a diploma may turn out to be an excellent presenter by vocation. But do not forget that education gives many benefits even if you have little work experience.

  • Price

Find out what the cost of your presenter's services consists of. Will there be any extra charge for anything. Prices may increase for an outdoor event or a long-term event, for a large number of people, etc.

  • Presenter's schedule

In-demand presenters have a schedule of events planned months in advance. You need to have time to order his services in advance so as not to be upset at the last moment.

  • How does it work

Does the host enter into a contract and the price for each service? It is better to opt for presenters working under a contract. This will keep you and your holiday safe.

    What should an ideal presenter be like?

    • The presenter is an artist! It should not overshadow your holiday, it should fit perfectly into it and complement it.

    • The presenter must be able to adapt to any company and know how to communicate with people.

    • Anniversaries, weddings, graduations - a good event host can handle it all.

    • Have public speaking skills and be well-read to communicate with guests and improvise quickly.

    Are you planning an event? Corporate party, banquet, anniversary, professional holiday or any other global event? And do you need a person who would spend it perfectly without wasting your time and effort? Then order a presenter from us soon!

    Do you remember how it was sung in the famous song: “The main thing is that the suit fits…”? So - this is definitely not about our presenters! In addition to an excellent costume, they master the art of improvisation and vast experience, repeatedly confirmed by excellent customer reviews!

    All our presenters are charming, charismatic and very artistic young people! Many of them have been working for many years, so to speak, for the benefit of the stage. Some of them played in KVN for a long time, others began their first steps in organizing events with university concerts. But today they all have one thing in common - professionalism, talent and boundless love for their calling.  

    In addition to pleasant men, charming girls who are not only equal in professionalism, but are also a real decoration of the holiday can also host your festive evening!

  • Large selection of professional presenters;
  • Individual scenarios;
  • Ability to work regardless of site;
  • Intelligent sense of humor.

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PR event Smart kitchen
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Corporate "Antikor Service"
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