How to hold a themed corporate event

There are many holidays celebrated every week in Russia! If your professional holiday is sign language interpreter's day, builder's day, or even brewer's day, then you probably celebrate them! Have you ever thought about spending your professional holiday brightly and in a “TOPIC”? Then theme parties are a great alternative to classic get-togethers in a restaurant with friends or going to the bathhouse!

Do you have a birthday, company day or professional holiday coming up? Or maybe you just want to indulge in unbridled fun on Friday? And you don’t want your evening to turn into a standard boring “drinking party”? Then we try on new roles and begin to fantasize! After all, this evening everything is possible: turn into interns for the evening, feel like an Indian, or even dress up as superheroes! In general, arrange a “theme party” in any way!

We will help you thoroughly prepare for absolutely any holiday, no matter what theme you celebrate it with. We will provide costumes for guests, artists, and create an atmosphere according to the scenario you choose! And photos from the party posted on social networks will make you the object of attention for a long time!

  • Unusual parties;
  • Individual scenarios and concepts;
  • Organization and implementation on a turnkey basis;
  • Large selection of artists.

Theme parties we create

Superhero Party

A bright way to celebrate any holiday! The location will be decorated in the style of superhero comics, we will invite a DJ with catchy music, and organize a photo zone so that you have memories of this day.

Dress up as your favorite characters! And it doesn’t matter at all which universe the character you love more from. Marvel and DC will meet here to celebrate the holiday, have a good time and just have fun.

This party idea is perfect for any age: a children's birthday, a corporate party on February 23, a graduation from a junior school or kindergarten, a celebration of the release of a long-awaited film (why not?) or the birthday of an adult fan. We will organize everything!

Gangster themed party

It's a party classic! Stylish, bright, fun. Dress code for guests: dark classic suits, vests, suspenders, snow-white shirts and a hat to get into character as much as possible. You can add a red rose to your jacket pocket. To complete the look, use large cufflinks and a watch. And bringing a toy gun is a must for every guest. What's a gangster without a gun?

Women in gangster films always look especially luxurious. Shiny black midi dresses, stockings, high heels, gloves, feathers, hairstyles created with hairspray. Don't forget about bright makeup! Volume earrings and beads, ribbons and, of course, red manicure!

The location will be decorated like an underground bar where the most dangerous gangs in Chicago have gathered. The DJ will play jazz from the eighties, and the host will organize competitions, for which he will give something as a souvenir.

This idea for a party will suit a large and noisy group of friends on the occasion of the birthday of one of them. This theme is also chosen for corporate events for the New Year or on the occasion of a holiday in the company.

Sports party

The atmosphere of a sports party is fun and will be remembered for a long time by all guests. This is an unusual choice for events, but it will not leave any of the guests indifferent.

Dress code: sporty style! Comfortable tracksuits, wristbands, headbands, sneakers.

The party can be held outside in the warm season, and you can gather in a gym or club even in winter.

Decorating the location, a photo zone with a bunch of balls, skittles and other sports equipment are what we use to create the best sports party for you. Photos of great athletes, their autographs, replays of significant sporting moments on TV. The ideal sports atmosphere.

The tasks that the presenter will give will allow you to show dexterity and speed.

Suitable for corporate events, birthdays and even team building!

Stages of a theme party


Leave a request on the website or call us


Our managers will be happy to make an appointment for you at a time convenient for you. It can take place both online and offline. It will take very little time.

Fill out the brief

At the meeting you will fill out a brief, thanks to which we will understand what kind of party you want to throw. This is necessary so that contact is immediately established between us and you receive exactly what you need.

Event plan

We draw up a party plan based on the answers in the brief. We offer ideas, write a script for the event, our most creative people do this!


We will agree with you on what happened. This is a required item. For any of your requests, we will remove/add what you want. We always welcome your ideas!

Getting ready for the party

Let's start preparing. A party is not an easy task, so we prepare for it in advance. We agree with the location, order catering, services of presenters, actors, hostesses, waiters, if necessary. We decorate the hall, organize transfers for guests, and so on.

Testing equipment

We check the equipment, sound, light, and give instructions to the staff. Everything should go great!

Hosting an event

We host the party and make sure everything is under control. We resolve small issues and make sure that everything stays on time.

Examples of events carried out

Day of comfort in "Uyterra"
Day of comfort in "Uyterra"
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Beauty contest "Miss "Relax"
Beauty contest "Miss "Relax"
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ITSC, Team building
ITSC, Team building
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Photo and video

What other themed parties do we host?

We are ready to host a party in any unique style, prepared especially for you!

Cuban party

Party in the Wild West


In the Indian tribe

At the Sports Festival

At a Chinese party

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