Organization of summer team building

Summer team building is an opportunity for colleagues to relax together, learn to communicate with each other and spend time outside the office. Games, relay races and competitions in the fresh air, active sports events, as well as communication in an informal setting will help strengthen team spirit and increase work efficiency. Organizing a summer team building event is a complex process that requires attention to detail, a professional approach and a lot of time. Our team will take care of the preparation to make your summer team building as productive and high-quality as possible.

  • A non-standard option for relaxing with colleagues;

  • Individual scenarios and concepts;

  • Wide selection of artists and stage groups;

  • Turnkey site design.

Summer team building options


Sports team building, which will help you socialize in a team, throw out negative emotions, and also teach you how to work in a team.

Culinary team building

An event where participants will learn how to cook an unusual dish, begin to listen and hear each other, and at the end of the evening they will have dinner together, discussing their feelings from the event.


An event that can be held in the city, in an open space or even in an office. It will bring colleagues closer, help to better understand each other, and also improve communication within the team.


Evening in the fresh air with colleagues while preparing dinner from meat and fresh summer vegetables. At such an event we will arrange intellectual games, conduct a quest or quiz that will help in uniting the team.

Evening on the boat

An event where you can take a break from the noise of the big city, enjoy the beauty of nature, as well as get closer to colleagues and just relax.


Active team building, where you can throw out your emotions, compete with colleagues, and take part in overcoming high-speed routes.

Examples of completed team building activities

Summer team building "MegaFon Retail"
Summer team building "MegaFon Retail"
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Corporate "Ericsson" and "Tele2 planning center"
Corporate "Ericsson" and "Tele2 planning center"
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ITSC, Team building
ITSC, Team building
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Our advantages


Before starting cooperation, we draw up a document in which we specify the final cost of the event, our responsibilities and other important information. We never hide the stages of organization from the customer and do not impose additional services after the plan and price are approved. Upon request, we are ready to provide reports on the work done.


We have been organizing events for over 10 years. During this time, we created our own proprietary plan, which helps us quickly organize events of any scale. By the way, we once held 4 major events in a day - after that we can do anything.

Successful cooperation

We cooperate with more than 1,500 contractors, partners and freelancers, tested by time and force majeure. Each of them performed excellently in working with us.

Big projects

We organize large-scale and serious events for leading companies in the country. You can read about the most successful cases in our portfolio.
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How does team building help?

  • Strengthen team spirit
  • Improve work efficiency
  • Improve interaction between colleagues.

  • Games and competitions in the fresh air help to defuse the atmosphere, improve your mood and reduce stress levels. Active sports activities help improve the health and physical fitness of participants. Communication in an informal setting helps to get to know each other better, establish more trusting relationships and increase motivation at work. Successfully organized team building can become an important tool for resolving conflict situations and increasing loyalty to the company.
    Our principles
    We value sincerity in everything we do and strive to establish trusting relationships with clients. Following high moral and ethical standards, we openly discuss our opportunities and offer transparent prices and conditions.
    Our company is looking for creative ways to organize events and uses new technologies, including in conducting online events and selecting visual effects. We think creatively and strive to exceed our clients' expectations to make every event unique.
    We understand that details are of utmost importance in business and corporate events. Therefore, we pay special attention to organizational and technical aspects, from timing to collecting feedback. Our goal is to provide impeccable quality events to ensure guests' satisfaction.
    Our company prides itself on its ability to bring clients' ideas to life. We understand the importance of meeting obligations, so we complete all tasks on time. Our approach and team organization guarantee that events are carried out strictly in accordance with the intended goals.
    Our team consists of professionals with more than 10 years of experience and knowledge in the event field. Our commitment to excellence helps us achieve high results in providing various services for business events and event marketing.