Organization of team building in nature

Team building events in open areas have many benefits at any time of the year. Thanks to their scale, there are always more opportunities for physical activity, even if team building is planned for several dozen or even hundreds of people. In addition, being in the fresh air improves people's mood and strengthens their immune system. Finally, admiring the landscapes is calming, and photographs of the team in nature turn out better than in the office or restaurant.

  • A non-standard option for relaxing with colleagues;

  • Individual scenarios and concepts;

  • Wide selection of artists and stage groups;

  • Turnkey site design.

Team building options in nature

Extreme team building

In nature you can tickle your nerves and face your fears. Excitement, leaving your comfort zone, the joy of achieving a goal - all this is possible through jeeping, rafting, rock climbing, playing Fort Boyard and other types of leisure activities on land, on water or even in the sky.

At a camp site or in a country cottage

The most affordable and traditional option for outdoor team building. You arrive at a location where there is a river and a forest, but you don’t have to run away from civilization. It is convenient to organize any creative, sports or intellectual activity in teams here, and there is usually the opportunity to ride horses or dog sleds. And you can end the evening with a barbecue in the gazebo, sunbathing or a warming sauna.

Environmental team building

A program that combines an educational component and a real contribution to environmental protection. Gather employees to plant trees and flowers, remove snow, sort garbage, clean the pond, hang birdhouses, etc. Additionally, you can arrange a master class on upcycling, a lecture on recyclable materials, or a walk through the nature reserve.


An option for those who want greater unity with nature, untouched by human hands. Tasks for laying out a tent, making a fire and organizing meals and, of course, hiking and trekking, i.e. walks through forests, mountains and ravines with backpacks to admire the local landscapes.


Active team building can be organized in the form of a ski marathon, a mass cycling race, or even orienteering in an open area. Programs in rope parks, obstacle courses, paintball and Formula 1 style racing are extremely popular. And of course, hockey, football and other sports are also relevant.

Engineering/construction team building

Open locations allow you to be creative to the fullest and not be constrained by boundaries. Invite your team to set a record in assembling the largest mechanical or cardboard construction set, or in creating a giant fortress made of ice and snow. You can also organize a competition to invent unusual vehicles from scrap materials.


In the fresh air it is convenient to perform tasks on logic, intuition and intelligence, while moving from location to location. This can be done on foot, on bikes and scooters, or even by car. The main thing is that the whole team is interested in finding the final “treasure” and learns a lot about the place in which it is located.

Team building on the water

Build rafts, master kayaks, or relax on the beach playing volleyball and flying kites. Here on the shore you can organize your own Holi festival of colors. An alternative option is a sailing regatta or sport fishing.

Examples of completed team building activities

Summer team building "MegaFon Retail"
Summer team building "MegaFon Retail"
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Corporate "Ericsson" and "Tele2 planning center"
Corporate "Ericsson" and "Tele2 planning center"
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ITSC, Team building
ITSC, Team building
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How does team building help?

Creates a healthy psychological atmosphere

Employees become more open and friendly towards each other and are less likely to conflict.

Helps with motivation

Team building allows you to exhale after work and get distracted, but at the same time it clearly shows what spectacular results can be achieved with well-coordinated interaction in a team.

Develops skills

From oratory, initiative and leadership to attentiveness, endurance and performance skills. Team building teaches you not only to think, but also to act differently in crisis situations or under limited time.

Strengthens the team

Newcomers will fit into the work schedule better, and loyalty to the company will increase among all employees at once, thanks to which staff turnover can be reduced.
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