Corporate master class

An unusual format for a collective training event dedicated to a generally accepted holiday or an important date within the company itself. In other words, the master class is a thematic interactive lesson for employees. Such an event differs from a training in its narrower specialization, and from a workshop - it is a one-time event and has a lesser depth of immersion in the topic.

At master classes, experience and knowledge are exchanged, various practical skills are developed, and informal communication takes place. But most importantly, corporate master classes allow you to take a break from work for a while and switch to something new, awakening your creative and imaginative thinking.

Creative master classes

Musical master classes

On vocal development, on classical and modern dances, on playing various musical instruments (from guitar to drums), on acting improvisation.

“Paper” master classes

Creation of works using the techniques of papercraft, collaging, modular origami, papier-mâché, decoupage, scrapbooking, etc.

Master classes on toys

Soft toys and dolls (for events with children), New Year's balls, Slavic amulets-dolls for Maslenitsa, branded toys in the form of a company symbol or in corporate colors.

Art master classes

Watercolor, pastel or oil paintings, sketching, drawing on water or sand, painting with paints of various decorative items and dishes, stained glass, graffiti, calligraphy and lettering.

Culinary master classes

With show elements

The basis of such an event is a demonstration performance by a famous chef or bartender - including online - who not only shows the process of preparing drinks and dishes, but also shares their secrets (for example, the rules of molecular gastronomy or quilling techniques) and serving features. The master class usually ends with a general tasting.


At such master classes, workers in teams or individually try to prepare a specific dish under the guidance of a presenter. Sometimes a corporate master class can be combined with a family day format, inviting the children of employees to participate. The most popular cooking options during master classes are steaks, burgers, desserts, pancakes for Maslenitsa, dishes of various national cuisines, alcoholic and coffee cocktails. An alternative idea is to prepare any dish of a gigantic record size, be it dumplings or khachapuri. You can also organize a culinary competition in teams.

Ecological master classes

Eco-lecture + eco-action

A hybrid format of the event, which begins with a presentation by an expert talking, for example, about the features of processing raw materials or collecting waste. Such a master class ends with a really useful contribution to the environment: cleaning the area near the office, forested area or pond, landscaping a specific area, creating and placing birdhouses, etc.

Master class on upcycling

This is a lesson on reusing old things in a new or original way. This includes painting or re-drawing clothes, shoes and accessories, working with books and magazines, creating hand-made toys and jewelry from scrap materials, etc.

Thematic master classes

New Year's master classes

This includes making candles, garlands, pendants, Christmas trees, symbols of the year, lanterns, advent calendars, festive dishes and even carnival outfits.

Master class on March 8

The most popular options for master classes on this festive occasion are the creation of perfumes and floral arrangements, soap making, handmade sweets, jewelry master classes, beauty master classes on creating care products and performing cosmetic procedures.

Master class on February 23

For representatives of the stronger half of the team, master classes on driving different types of transport, robotics and modeling, creating kites, wood burning, sports and military master classes, painting construction helmets or ties, etc. are suitable.
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