A boat trip in honor of a calendar or corporate holiday is an excellent event option for any company. Panoramic views, a dynamic program, views of the fireworks from the water - all this guarantees vivid emotions for the team. A full-fledged ship corporate party combines a gala dinner, an outing into nature, and an excursion. And if the weather and route permit, you can make a beach stop for a picnic and swimming.
  • We develop individual concepts and scenarios for events to suit your taste, and coordinate with you all the details of the upcoming event;

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Why you should choose a ship for a corporate event

the freedom of action

You can organize any type of event on the ship: quiz, quest, dance party, excursion, lecture, etc. It is also convenient to organize a stage with good acoustics on the ship and easily connect the necessary lighting and sound equipment, as well as projectors and monitors.

High level of comfort

Modern motor ships of St. Petersburg are safe, comfortable and stylish. They move silently and quickly and offer many additional services, including organizing a banquet or buffet and corporate or thematic decoration. And in case of bad weather, the ship has a closed deck, so there is no need to urgently change the program.


Motor ships come in different models, so you can choose a vessel for the required number of event participants. This is especially convenient for companies that organize a common corporate event for several offices or even branches. In addition, you are guaranteed complete privacy: you do not need to share the area with other guests, as happens, for example, in catering establishments.

Special atmosphere

Relaxing on the deck with the opportunity to feel the cool wind even in extreme heat and admire the city and natural landscapes of St. Petersburg from a new perspective is a memorable form of leisure. You spend time in the fresh air, but do not worry about logistics and transfers. On the boat you can take cool photos or even just meditate on the waves.


Renting a ship for a few hours rarely costs more than renting a catered banquet hall. At the same time, the range of impressions that you can get from a walk on the water is much wider than in a restaurant.


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What to consider when organizing a corporate event on a ship?

Walking route

It depends on how long the corporate event lasts and what stops you plan. You can walk through the main attractions of St. Petersburg or go explore something new.

Food and drinks

If the ship has its own restaurant, you can choose buffet or banquet service (and sometimes even barbecue). In some cases, you can order catering or delivery from the establishment to the ship. It is also worth discussing the issue of alcohol in advance (is there a corkage fee).


As a rule, there are waiters on the ship, but you will definitely need corporate party hosts, as well as photographers and videographers.

Weather forecast

Despite the presence of a glass deck, it can be cool on the ship, especially if you decide to hold a corporate event outside of the summer. Plus, you'll want to head upstairs anyway for the beautiful views and photos. So prepare warm clothes, blankets, umbrellas or hats.
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For what events is a corporate party on a ship suitable?

Company anniversary

The brand's birthday, and especially the round date, deserves special attention. And choosing a ship as the main venue will just add the necessary zest to the event. You can choose a route that will symbolize the path of your company, or stop at the main attractions of the city for cool group photos. There's no better way to show pride in your crew's accomplishments than by hosting an event with stunning views overboard and a festive atmosphere on deck.


A strong team is the key to a company's success. Organizing team building on a ship will help improve relations between employees and management, develop cooperation and mutual support skills. A walk on water with tasks for agility, reaction speed, leadership skills, intuition and strategic thinking will be remembered by the team for a long time. And the format can be anything: from quests to quizzes.

New Year

Celebrating a winter holiday on the water is a real fairy tale. You can enjoy bright fireworks and city New Year's decor from new angles. Organizing a corporate party on a ship (or rather, on an ice yacht with an air cushion) provides ample opportunities for entertainment: a party with dancing and karaoke, interactive show programs, a banquet or a buffet. It's the perfect way to ring in the year with your team and give your employees an unforgettable experience.

Professional holidays

The most important working date for the team, for example, Power Engineer's Day or Accountant's Day, can also be celebrated on the ship. Create a cozy atmosphere, emphasize the importance of the profession, talk about the company’s successes and reward outstanding employees. The ship can also be an excellent platform for corporate presentations, exhibitions and round tables, which often complement the celebration of such events.
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