Why team building is important

Team building is about bringing the team closer not only to each other, but also to management. for this reason, the popularity of the event is growing.  

A favorable atmosphere in a team is one of the most important steps to running a successful and successful business. Thanks to team building, employees know why they come to work, maintain friendly relationships with colleagues and are motivated.

Tired of stuffy offices and traffic jams? And outside, as luck would have it, the sun is still shining, the birds are chirping and the thermometer is off the charts from the heat, in a word, ideal conditions for outdoor recreation? Well, let's arrange it!


  • A non-standard option for relaxing with colleagues;

  • Individual scenarios and concepts;

  • Wide selection of artists and stage groups;

  • Turnkey site design.

Goals and objectives of team building for employees

Breaking down barriers

Improving the company climate

Development of new qualities in employees

Unlocking your potential


Establishing the internal climate of the company

Reduced turnover


How to organize team building

At the count of “one time,” we gather our colleagues and superiors for a meeting, the agenda of which will be to encourage everyone to have an active and exciting vacation. On the count of two, we call the Aventura Events Agency and order a fun and unforgettable holiday. On the count of three, we leave the stuffy city for nature, where we have fun, run, play, dance barefoot on the grass, crawl along ropes and relax in every sense of the word!

The imagination of our directors and presenters is limitless and even the most experienced and, conversely, the most uptight and shy, we will cheer up and pump up positive emotions for the six months ahead! Just imagine - decent and intelligent employees will turn into a noisy team of pirates that will run along the beach in search of treasures and perform unimaginable tasks of dexterity, strength and ingenuity. Where else if not here will the team spirit of your team be strengthened!

The game will require mutual understanding and cohesion. There will be no need for computers, mobile phones and other benefits of civilization. Charge with drive and positive energy is guaranteed!

Team building formats

Family team building

The participation of employees in team building with their families creates more trusting communication within the team and increases loyalty to the company. Your colleagues will be able to feel like they are part of a big team. A dance flash mob in a recreation park or a play area with master classes near the office premises - choose a program to suit your taste.


Quests, rafting and outdoor picnics will bring joy from joint achievements and fresh emotions to your team. Various activities can be organized in the mountains, fields, forests or on the water: from a sailing regatta to a cycling marathon.

Creative team building

Art master classes will definitely be remembered for their originality. And it doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to draw: an experienced artist will be nearby who will tell you how to create a masterpiece. In art studios, workshops, lofts or offices - such an event will help employees show creativity.

Sports team building

For many companies, the annual employee football match is already a good tradition and part of the corporate culture. But we can also hold other competitions, for example, with an obstacle course. At the stadium, sports center or in specialized halls - team building will help your team feel at the peak of their form.

Rope course

Under the guidance of professionals, your company's team will overcome difficult obstacles at height with several levels of difficulty. In an adventure park or at special training centers, this team building will open up new dimensions of cooperation within your team.

Culinary team building

Cooking together is not only about serving delicious dishes, but also an unusual pastime for the team. Cooking master classes and competitions will diversify your team building. You can hold such an event in professional culinary schools, restaurants or even in the office. And there will be a chef nearby who will help in preparing the food and at the end will reward the most talented student.

Tourist team building

Hiking and adventures on unusual routes will raise employee motivation to a new level and strengthen the team spirit of the team. Orienteering, training survival skills, hiking and trekking along the most beautiful mountain peaks - you can make team building not only useful, but also memorable for a long time.

Intellectual team building

Puzzles, quizzes and quizzes will make your team building more interesting and show your employees a new side. Such an event can be organized in an office, training centers, conference rooms or even on a boat. This event will help identify the smartest subordinates in the company.

Stages of organizing team building on a turnkey basis

Application processing

From the moment of your first contact, the Aventura event agency is always in touch. Call, leave a request on the website or write on social networks. Your personal manager will answer you and discuss your goals, number of participants and the event itself.

Concept planning

Taking into account the specifics of your company, budget and goals, we will develop a team building program. We will also coordinate the entertainment part of the scenario: intellectual tasks, sports competitions, creative master classes, or a combination thereof.

Preparation of the event

At this stage, our company takes care of all technical and organizational aspects. We select and adapt the venue, create the atmosphere with the help of decorations and props, find presenters, instructors, DJs and artists. We will also take care of catering and logistics.


It is important for both our company and our clients to understand the results of any event. We stay with you at the event, greet guests, monitor compliance with timings and guarantee the smooth implementation of all stages. Well, at the end of the team building we provide you with photos, videos and a detailed report.

Examples of events carried out

Summer team building "MegaFon Retail"
Summer team building "MegaFon Retail"
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Corporate "Ericsson" and "Tele2 planning center"
Corporate "Ericsson" and "Tele2 planning center"
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ITSC, Team building
ITSC, Team building
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Photo and video
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