Organizing a corporate event for Chemist Day

Chemist's Day is a celebration of people who make contributions to various spheres of life: from industry to medicine. Celebrated every year on the last Sunday of May.

What happens on Chemist Day in Russia?

For the holiday, small (often themed) gifts and flowers are given. You can celebrate the holiday in the office, restaurant, outdoors or camp site. The most important thing is to finally take a break from everyday work and just relax.

On the last Sunday in May, television and radio talk about figures in the chemical industry who contributed to the development of science.

Interesting facts about Chemist Day

  • The holiday appeared in 1980, back in the USSR
  • Chemists also celebrate January 31st. This is the unofficial birthday of vodka. On this day, Mendeleev defended his doctoral dissertation on the issue of mixing water with alcohol.
  • Every year Chemist's Day in Russia is held under a new element of the periodic table.

How we organize an event for Chemist Day

  • First meeting
We meet with you online or offline to fill out a short brief. We discuss all issues of interest in order to make a useful and interesting event.

  • Creating an event concept
Our creative team is developing the concept and script of the event. You can bring ready-made ideas for the event if you wish.

  • Choosing a site
If your event is held online, then we will select the appropriate platform for the scenario. If offline, we will select a convenient restaurant, loft or any other space.

  • We invite presenters, artists and speakers
If you want to make your event larger and more interesting, then we definitely won’t interfere, but will help!

  • We order catering
If the event is outdoors, we will organize catering at your request.

  • Celebrating Chemist's Day with your team
At the event, we make sure that everything went according to plan. We adjust the course of the corporate event if necessary.

  • We send photos and videos
After the event, you will receive photos and videos taken by a professional photographer and videographer.

We create creative events, but we always work under a contract.

Work according to technical specifications and brief
We do only what you want and always work after approval. We care about your wishes.

Creating a presentation
To make it more clear, we will show you how we see your holiday with our own eyes.

At the end of the evening we provide statistics on activity at the event.

Everything is checked
We collaborate with proven presenters, speakers and artists.

We have been working for more than 10 years and have organized many events, so we can do everything and even more.

Personal manager
We provide a manager who is in touch with you 24/7

Formats for corporate events on Chemist's Day


The purpose of a team-building event is to strengthen relationships between employees. Colleagues can compete to hammer nails at speed, solve thematic problems, and build various figures from a large construction set. The game allows a person to prove himself not only as a performer, but also as a leader. And in order not to be repeated from year to year, there are different places to celebrate the holiday: in the office and outdoors, on land and on water, etc.

Camping with tents

Guitar songs, gatherings by the fire, beautiful views, boat rides and fresh air - this is how the tourist rally dedicated to Chemist’s Day will take place. But standard outdoor recreation is not the only thing that our specialists will prepare for participants. Employees will be divided into teams, after which they will demonstrate how they know how to set up tents and make a fire, and also compete for the title of the best hiking camp. Camping is a great way to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.


A quiz will help test employees’ knowledge about the company or profession. The event format is suitable for both indoor and outdoor locations. You can start a corporate event by discussing the company’s plans or by rewarding employees for their success. The event is based on an intellectual quiz, and at the end there is a summing up of the quiz and a buffet reception.


When you are tired of simple and familiar corporate party options, rafting comes to the rescue - rafting down a mountain river. Kayaks and rafts are now popular as vessels for extreme entertainment. It’s better to go rafting in the summer, when you don’t have to wear a bunch of clothes and there’s no risk of frostbite. This format helps you get out of your comfort zone, fall in love with sports and unite in an unfamiliar situation.

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