Organization and holding of press conferences

Press conference - a responsible process that requires professionalism and knowledge of all the intricacies of creating such events.

First you need to determine the topic of the press conference. Write a script and plan with clear timings that must be adhered to at all times. To select a site, you need to take into account the number of invited guests, journalists, advertising agents, and so on.

Press conference formats

This event has several formats, each of which is suitable for a certain moment in business development.

Press conference

Meeting with journalists. An opportunity to speak out on a particular issue. It is needed so that journalists can get comments on issues of interest from hard-to-reach speakers.

Press briefing

Almost the same as a press conference, but more limited in duration. It is needed to give journalists comments or quickly speak out on any situation.

Press lunch

An informal type of press conference in which the press meets with directors/managers of companies to obtain comments about new products or services.

Press tour

This event is suitable for companies that want to show themselves to their target audience and tell about themselves. A big event to which, as a rule, many journalists from other countries and cities are invited.

Round table

An event that is needed to discuss a problem that requires immediate attention. It is usually where the media receive comments from company executives.

It is better to choose larger locations so that there is enough space for everyone and people have free space. Consider recreation areas and coffee breaks, a photo zone, and a meeting place for guests. It is worth noting that the lists of guests must also indicate the license plate numbers of the cars in which they will arrive, so that there are no misunderstandings.

All equipment must be in working order. Its power should be enough for the hall you have chosen. This can be checked during the first rehearsal of the event. Examine the questions that speakers might be asked, and even better, rehearse answers to “uncomfortable” questions from journalists.

Stages of organizing a press conference

In order for the press conference to go well and be remembered for a long time by your audience, you need to adhere to the rules. They will help not only to structure the event on paper, but will also keep everything under control until the very end of the event.

Registration and meeting of invited journalists

Beginning of the conference, introduction of all speakers

Meet the event host

Presentation by speakers

Break (if there are many speakers)

Continuation of the speech

Answers to media questions

Closing of the event

Examples of events carried out

Code/R Conference
Code/R Conference
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Annual Conference
Annual Conference
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Conference "Beauty and Health"
Conference "Beauty and Health"
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Photo and video
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