Business trip or unforgettable trip? MICE industry trends.

The term “MICE” in the domestic service sector is becoming increasingly popular, even a fashionable concept. This abbreviation in English stands for Meetings Incentive Conferences Events (Meetings, Incentive Tours, Conferences, Events) and refers to the field of business travel in a broader sense.

Main goals and objectives of MICE 

Travel for business purposes is also called “business travel”, “business tourism” or the meeting industry (“meetings”). MICE covers individual business trips, conferences and congresses, seminars, corporate events , exhibitions, business meetings, incentive tourism. Such activities can combine both motivational, business and entertainment nature.

Main goals of MICE:

  • motivating employees for new experiences, increased competitiveness and personal growth;

  • establishing professional communication, new acquaintances and useful contacts;

  • training of staff, as well as partners and clients;

  • advertising the company, disseminating information about the brand, its ideas and values ​​among domestic and foreign audiences.

Establishing professional communication

In Russia, the MICE industry has just begun to actively develop, so there are many nuances in terms of organization. However , it has become obvious that openness to accepting global experience in this area will benefit the tourism industry, business and the economy as a whole.

What's in store for MICE this year? What trends and trends are sweeping the meetings industry? Let's talk about this in more detail.  

Trends and Trends

The constantly changing socio-economic situation in the country has an impact on all areas of business, including the MICE industry. Cutting budgets for business travel and competition leave only the best organizers afloat. But it is the tough conditions that force event companies to strive for growth and improvement in order to be competitive in the industry. Hence the main trends that make the field of business travel relevant and in demand:

  • Focus on activities that bring benefits. In conditions of total savings, including on corporate expenses, super motivating business trips with visible benefits remain preferable. For example, training conferences , seminars , presentations , team building with a high level of service. Large Russian companies, in particular Gazpromneft, use such formats in their practice.

Focus on activities that bring benefits

  • Diluting a serious event with entertaining content. Entertainment will never be unnecessary. Moreover, amidst a busy work schedule and stressful work days. To do this, use creative formats, modern digital and multimedia capabilities: “smart” devices, interactive, virtual reality and other means of the event industry. For example, a serious international economic business forum in St. Petersburg this year was diversified with all sorts of interactive “tricks”, such as: a robot courier from Sberbank, a virtual tour of the history of the construction of the Crimean Bridge, a unique modular screen from Gazpromneft with artificial intelligence and incredible graphics.

Diluting a serious event with entertaining content

  • Automation and digitalization of processes. Many services have already switched to autonomous operation via a computer and the Internet. This greatly simplifies the work (the same booking of rooms, ordering transport, chat bots). For example, technologies are already being introduced to automatically track the mood of those present by facial expression, their number and movement. But there is another side to the coin - “dehumanization”. Although not everywhere a person can be replaced by artificial intelligence. That is why there will be a growing demand for personnel capable of applying technical innovations and helping clients where the computer cannot cope.

  • Improvement of service. In this regard, our country has always had gaps in comparison with our Western comrades. Even Türkiye often wins in choosing the location for an event. Such conditions will lead to the fact that only those who can provide a high level of service and information and technical support will enjoy success. For example, the Swedish company Oriflame organizes conferences abroad for its best employees. In recent years, international events have been held in Spain, Egypt, Croatia, Thailand, Brazil, Italy and other parts of the world. This year the conference is planned in one of the five-star hotels in Turkey. At this event, presentations of new products, training in the secrets of doing business, as well as master classes on the use of products are held.

Improvement of service. Conference “Oriflame”

  • Consolidation and joint work of government agencies and business. MICE is an area of ​​national importance, which, moreover, can generate high income only from the events themselves. Government support was previously insufficient, although this process has now been launched. Special departments are being created at the federal and regional levels to promote the consolidation of forces. For example, the conference "Smart Technologies for the City", organized by the Kommersant Publishing House with the support of the Moscow Department of Information Technologies.

Consolidation and joint work of government agencies and business

  • Application of the legacy and experience of the 2018 World Cup. This worldwide holiday left behind a developed modern infrastructure that should continue to be used. This applies not only to sports facilities and hotels, but also to the experience of using innovations in the field of organization and security (fan passport, electronic visa to the Russian Federation, tourist police, etc.).

Applying the legacy and experience of the 2018 World Cup

  • Creation of platforms called “smart cities”. This is a developed infrastructure, designed for the use of modern technologies and information services, the introduction of 5G and artificial intelligence. For example, as part of the CitySDK project, a pilot application has been developed that reports in real time the influx of visitors at a particular attraction (museum or exhibition) and offers tourists alternative options.

Global and domestic experience

The first global MICE events were the annual IBTM and IMEX exhibitions. These largest specialized events have been held since the end of the last century on different continents and attract tens of thousands of participants - manufacturers, consumers, potential partners and clients.

In addition to such large-scale events, many countries host international conferences, exhibitions, presentations and other formats. For example, a network of M&I Forums in different countries, ITB Business Travel Days as part of the ITB Berlin Convention (Berlin).

Annual exhibitions IBTM and IMEX

 This industry also exists in Russia, bringing together annual large international meetings. For example, MITT (Moscow) is dedicated to travel and tourism, MICE Forum (Moscow) is business and incentive tourism, MICE workshop from ANTO, RFIV and others.

The project “All-Russian MICE Day”, or MICE DAY, in 2019 will increase the number of venues to 5 - in different cities of Russia (Rostov-on-Don, Yekaterinburg, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Sochi). It brings together in one place professionals and aspiring specialists, sellers and consumers, representatives of the Government and executive authorities, MICE agents and Event companies. The global goal of the event was to promote the Russian market in the international arena through the creation of the so-called. "MICE maps of Russian regions."

All-Russian MICE Day

The MICE industry is emerging as a powerful business around the world. Therefore, personnel who are creative, ambitious, striving for growth and using modern digital technologies are of great importance. The Aventura event agency also tries to keep up with global trends. We organize business travel throughout Russia, in particular preparing and conducting business conferences and business tours of various sizes.  

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