Artist: Cockroach Races
City: Any city
Type: Original genre

The insects, which until recently were calmly walking around the apartments of Omsk residents, have disappeared. But they were replaced by older brothers, and from the distant Madagascar islands. “ Cockroaches ,” as people affectionately call them, now do not harm people, but entertain them!

Cockroach racing in Omsk is an incredibly exciting show. Now everyone can add a little excitement to their life by simply taking part in the “ Cockroach Race ”. Moreover, the excitement is not to earn money, but to be the first and the best!

A new exclusive cockroach racing service in Omsk , this is a mobile show that can come anywhere in the city for your holiday. Each participant will receive several gaming chips, which they can bet on any cockroach . And if this “baby” turns out to be the fastest, he may well lead his owner to the main prize in the championship!

Cockroach racing has long been widely spread in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Now the Omsk team has a chance to bet everything on the fastest “horse”.