Number of persons:
300 Human
Saint Petersburg
The date of the:
Internal communications
On one of the busiest Fridays in December, we held the final tournament in the game “Where? What? When?". For our guests this was a very important event, the qualifying games lasted a whole year and now, on New Year’s Eve, the best of the best met in the final stage. Many surprises awaited connoisseurs that evening: show breaks between gaming tournaments, a real owl in the photo zone, a mirror table and a question from Alexey Blinov, a two-time owner of a crystal owl. After the final game was played, a show program was prepared for the guests of the evening, during which we once again congratulated the winners and summed up the results of the outgoing year.
  • Development of an individual package of questions and a question from the Star
  • TV paraphernalia
  • Development of award products in television format
  • Real owl in the photo zone
  • Logistics and accommodation for participants
  • Converting a gaming room into a banquet room in 15 minutes.