Number of persons:
3000 Human
The date of the:
PR events
The fashion industry is developing thanks to young designers who love to try something new, extraordinary and shocking. The two-day fashion festival in Omsk has already become a good tradition and every year attracts more and more contestants. Young people create stunning and unusual images that can surprise even the most experienced judge. Often, competitions take place in two stages: Images of the Veil and Siberian Ethnics. In the Images of the Veil, various artistic scarves are presented, while in Ethnics, full-fledged images are more involved. In most cases, shows are open, so many spectators can enjoy the spectacle live and even guess who will take the Grand Prix this time.
  • Directing a model show

  • Makeup artists and hairdressers for designers and their models
  • Construction of the site in the Mega shopping center and the museum named after. Vrubel