Organization of sports team building

The uniqueness of our sports team building lies in the individual approach to each client. We carefully analyze the characteristics of your team and create an event that will exactly meet your expectations. When organizing active events, we aim to strengthen team spirit, increase the efficiency of communication in the company and increase motivation, while providing an unforgettable experience.

Options for sports team building

Rope course

Classic team building, consisting of tasks for agility, speed and mutual support. During most of the event, participants are tied together with a rope, which improves not only the ability to listen and seek compromises, but also responsibility, initiative, and strategic thinking. The manager gets the opportunity to see employees in new conditions and evaluate the leadership potential of each of them.

Team building on the water

Rafting is an exciting kayak, boat or raft adventure where team spirit and cooperation are key to success. Rafting, even on the smallest body of water, actively contributes to the development of communication skills and stress resistance.

Sports racing

Feel the adrenaline and atmosphere of Formula 1 by becoming part of a real racing team. You will have training with professional instructors and testing your car's speed on a special track. Share the energy of racing with your team, turn your dream into reality and strengthen cooperation within the team.

Hiking in the mountains

Embark on an exciting adventure amidst mountain landscapes. Organize a tent camp, go trekking, hiking or rock climbing, and practice orienteering. Climb to the top, overcome difficulties and create a strong team that can overcome any obstacles together.

Sailing regatta

Discover the world of sailing and enjoy the beautiful scenery on a river or sea. Learn to sail a yacht alone and make command decisions in changing wind conditions. Such team building will give the entire team an experience that you want to return to.


We invite you to compete in your favorite sports and feel the victorious energy of the Olympic movement. A variety of disciplines will be available to you: from team competitions to individual tests. This program will help develop a healthy spirit of competition, but at the same time improve cooperation skills in the team.

Championship or tournament

Organize outdoor sports competitions in various sports: football, volleyball, basketball, etc. Compete within your team or challenge a neighboring branch to a competition. Exciting training sessions and a ceremony to award the winners await you.

Winter competitions

Who said that during the cold season you have to sit in a warm office? Organize team building to warm up your muscles and boost your immune system. For example, you can ride a snowmobile, have a sled dog race, put on an ice skating show, or play hockey.

Examples of sports team building

Corporate Spartakiad of Rosvodokanal
Corporate Spartakiad of Rosvodokanal
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PES Spartakiad
PES Spartakiad
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