9 ideas for decorating a photo zone at an event

When creating photo zones, large-scale, multi-level decor, giant art objects, interactive decorations and directorial decisions are often used.

For a very long time, press walls with company logos served as the background for photo zones. In recent years, photo zones have begun to receive more attention, because... photographs are the main content of all social networks, which means they are the main storyteller about your event. A creatively designed photo zone is the key to bright and memorable photos from the event. Of course, the company logo must be in the photo, but in addition to it, you can supplement the photo zone with interesting solutions that will attract even more attention to your photo zone. We are ready to offer some ideas for inspiration.

Picture frames

One of the most affordable solutions that can be implemented even without the help of designers! Simply hang baguettes of various shapes. If you are organizing holiday in nature, then picture frames can be hung directly from tree branches. You can also put your company logo on the frames.


This backdrop is not only suitable for musical events. Photos in retro style are always interesting and relevant. Records have long become an attribute of comfort and style.


A watch is not only an interesting design attribute, but also a wonderful symbol of the transience of time. Every second in the arms of loved ones and family is priceless! This could be a cuckoo clock or even an installation of a famous painting by Salvador Dali, if you stock up on resources and prepare more thoroughly.

Photo zone with clock

Tablets and monitors

For those who like a little pretentiousness, a photo zone is suitable, where the main background is displayed on the display of monitors, tablets and other gadgets. With their help, you can create an original picture that reflects the overall theme of the event. This design is perfect for a presentation or hi-tech party.


A book is not only the best gift, but also an excellent element for a photo zone. A very budget-friendly and non-standard solution for decorating space. In addition, in the age of the Internet, a book is becoming almost a rarity and is no longer in the crosshairs of lenses so often. Because such a photo can attract attention and put guests in a calm, retro mood.

Note board

A wonderful background for original shots. The board can be used as a greeting card where guests can leave their wishes and comments. You can draw on the boards and leave autographs in different colors. Not at all necessary

The usual office and school option can serve as a board. These can also be fabric boards with threads, where, under the guidance of a master, everyone can try their hand at embroidering simple patterns, their names and wishes.

Photozone slate board

Light garlands

Such installations are suitable for creating the most tender and romantic photographs! Also in recent years, neon retro signs, popular in Western outdoor advertising in the 70s and 80s, have become very popular.

flower wall

Can you imagine how good a green corner could look? A flower wall or a wall made of natural living moss, or floral arrangements - something that will not leave guests indifferent. Live scenery is always in fashion and always attracts camera flashes. In addition to flowers, you can use branches, grass and even fruits and vegetables in compositions.

Photos from past years

A photo wall with photographs of last year’s events, if the event has been taking place for more than a year, will become the main attribute of the evening. You've probably noticed how much social network users love to remember what happened to them in childhood, adolescence, during their student years, a year or five years ago. Photos in which guests can find themselves and their colleagues or people significant to your event are what will give dear emotions and new photographs that guests will want to share and which will tell the widest audience about your event.

All these accessories can be used to enliven and create ambiance in the photo zone of the event. In general, modern trends dictate the fashion for creating photo zones in styles such as loft, fairy forest, botanist, vintage, watercolor. When creating photo zones, large-scale, multi-level decor, giant art objects, interactive decorations and directorial decisions are often used.

The Aventura event agency will help you create an atmospheric photo zone for your event that will be unique, memorable and will correspond to the overall concept of the event, taking into account modern trends.
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