The Internet is everything: how events are transferred online

The event industry was one of the first to feel the impact of the pandemic. Thousands of events have been canceled or postponed indefinitely: concerts, exhibitions, festivals, conferences, forums. Therefore, it is necessary to be flexible and adapt to new conditions of remote interaction. Everything that can be done is transferred online. What cannot be transformed – and also transferred online. This is the only way to stay afloat and survive difficult times with minimal losses.  

World practice already knows examples of large-scale events held virtually (or with elements of online broadcasts). We, together with our media partner, the Event LIVE , will tell you about the successful experience of holding major events online.

DJ set inside the game

On February 2, 2019, the world-famous DJ Marshmello held a virtual concert in the popular video game Fortnite (battle royale by Epic Games). Before this, a special stage was built on one of the locations of the game map, and players could watch the preparations and advertising posters.

According to the founder of The Game Awards, Geoff Keighley, 10 million gamers watched the artist’s 10-minute set in the game alone. In addition to the players, the concert was watched on the streaming platforms Twitch, Mixer, as well as on YouTube by hundreds of thousands of viewers. It was a real virtual show of a musician, integrated with a computer game.  


   Virtual concert of DJ Marshmello in the video game Fortnite

Esports at the helm

The steadily growing popularity of eSports has increased significantly today due to the self-isolation regime. This is real competition to traditional sports events. Moreover, the online sphere is more familiar for cyber tournaments.

The largest such tournament was the 2019 World Championship in the most popular game in Asia – League of Legends (“League of Legends” is a role-playing video game with real-time strategy elements). The tournament lasted 5 weeks, during which 120 online games took place, lasting a total of about 140 million hours. The games took place in three European capitals and were broadcast around the world on streaming platforms. The finale alone had more than 40 million fans glued to their computer screens at the same time.

World Championship 2019 - League of Legends

Microsoft and Keanu Reeves

the largest presentation of its new gaming products and consoles in 2019 It was watched by 1.5 million people on the Twitch platform. Although this figure was higher a year earlier (1.7 million), this is explained by the outflow of online viewers to the newly created Mixer service. Therefore, it can be argued that this was the most watched online session of the E3 conference. In many ways, interest was fueled by Keanu Reeves, who participated at the exhibition as the hero of Cyberpunk 2077 from the developer CD Projekt Red.

Keanu Reeves attending the E3 conference exhibition 

Lonely Hearts Day in China

If you think that Lonely Hearts Day on November 11th in China is a sad holiday, then you are wrong. For shopping lovers, this is a real celebration of discounts and promotions, which has long overtaken the notorious Black Friday in terms of sales.

Date 11.11. in 2019, it broke all records of trading platforms of the Alibaba Group holding (this also includes AliExpress ), bringing in almost $38.5 billion in total sales. This is not just a collapse in prices and massive online purchases (over 90% of Chinese ordered goods on this day). This is a real online show - with world stars and brands. So, in 2019, the sale began with a large-scale concert with the participation of Taylor Swift . Brands also sponsor real and virtual celebrities.

In 2019, the 11.11 online sale began with a large-scale concert featuring Taylor Swift

And on this day there are many live broadcasts with celebrities acting as ambassadors of various brands. 

New art - digital

Since 2013, the virtual biennial exhibition The Wrong . This is a unique project, accessible to any artist and creative person. In 2018, she presented the works of 1,500 artists, and access for viewers online was absolutely free.

Hundreds of works of video art, computer graphics, art installations, performances were exhibited in virtual “halls” and “pavilions”, and animations, 3D films and online performances were also broadcast. 

Virtual exhibition-biennale The Wrong

For lovers of the classics

If you are a follower of classical art, then you can also enjoy the beauty without leaving your home. More and more museums are opening their virtual doors to millions of visitors. These are online collections of paintings and sculptures, 3D tours or live tours of museum halls.

For example, on the official website of the Hermitage , the “ Virtual Visit ” section is available during self-isolation. Here you can “walk” through the halls of the museum, visit permanent exhibitions and enjoy the historical and cultural heritage.

Hermitage Museum, section “Virtual Visit”

Online team building: modern reality

Not only entertainment events, but also work are transferred to virtual reality. To maintain the morale of their employees, motivate them and not deprive them of communication, there is a demand among successful companies for online team building ideas.

For example, football players from FC Zenit became participants in the show “Homemade” . Here they learned a new skill - culinary skills together with famous chefs, and also just had fun in their free time, which athletes now have plenty of. The show is broadcast live on the team Instagram account. All fans of the club can join him and support their idols.

FC "Zenit" became participants in the "Homemade" show

Online bar

If you are planning to hold an unusual online corporate event or just relax with friends, you can visit an international online bar in support of the idea of ​​self-isolation. It features several “rooms” on the Whereby platform for video calling. You can invite someone to a meeting using a link.

International online bar

The team of the Aventura event agency successfully implements a wide variety of ideas for team building and other events. The online form opens up new possibilities for non-traditional formats . Such as: telegram quests, online team building , online strategies, art and culinary master classes, online parties/concerts, online intellectual quizzes, corporate online radio /television, etc., online conferences, as well as combined formats of online events.

By the way, we have developed and are already successfully using several interesting options for online events with our clients. You can check them out here:

  1. Cooking master class 

  2. Art Party

  3. Online party

  4. Online intellectual show

  5. You can find out about the types of online team building activities here 

We will also easily develop a unique concept for your company, taking into account all your wishes. Let's confront the global pandemic and business stagnation together!

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