Team building 2019: main trends

A close-knit, friendly team, in which all employees have become a team of like-minded people, is the dream of any leader. Often, this result requires many years and a lot of effort. Team building activities - team building - help speed up this process.

If previously team building was perceived as a fashionable alternative to a traditional corporate event , today it is a standard tool in working with personnel of many large companies.
Its ideas and principles must reflect the constantly changing demands of society: what was interesting yesterday may be irrelevant today, and vice versa. Let's look at the main trends in team building in 2019.

Why do team building activities take place?

The main goals pursued by any team building:

  • to unite the team, create a sense of unity and cooperation rather than competition;

  • teach employees to interact with each other to achieve results, to be a team, not a group;

  • develop relationships in the team based on trust and mutual understanding;

  • entertain workers, relieve stress and psychological stress;

  • motivate, fill with new strength and aspirations;

  • increase loyalty to management, strengthen its authority, create friendly communication through informal situations.

Not every company has the time and opportunity to independently organize a team-building event. The key to a successful outcome is careful preparation and planning, which require considerable effort and resources. Therefore, more and more often, companies delegate the organization of team building activities to professionals.

Event formats

There are various classifications of team building based on different factors: target audience, topic and scope, place and method of holding, duration of the event, nature of team building, etc. We will try to conditionally combine these factors by considering the main directions of types of team building:

  1. Sports. They imply active pastime often outdoors in the form of football, basketball, paintball, laser tag, sports relay races, quests, etc. Separately in this group we can distinguish extreme sports: adventure racing (or multisport, survival racing), mountaineering, mountain biking, rafting , kayaking, equestrian sports, orienteering, rock climbing, regatta, alpine skiing and snowboarding, diving, helicopter transfer, rafting, expedition, etc.

  2. Creative. A wide variety of forms can include not only theatrical, musical, dance, literary and film team building, but also the use of a “hand-made” format (training in arts and crafts, familiarization with ancient crafts), as well as cooking.

  3. Intelligent. They involve brainstorming for employees: quizzes, intellectual and board games, quests in the city, photo navigation (photo hunting).

  4. Historical. Modeling a team activity scenario based on various historical facts, events, personalities, stylization of knightly tournaments, Viking campaigns, Soviet themes. Separately, we can distinguish the military variety (military) - the recreation of a battle situation and real military operations.

  5. Exotic. Unusual forms of conducting such as reality shows “The Last Hero”, “Village / Farm”, “Behind the Glass”, ethnic team building.

  6. Psychological. Identifying the leader in the team, the role of each employee, developing proper communication skills and the ability to find a compromise through trainings, tests, psychological experiments in a relaxed atmosphere.

  7. Socio-ecological. Activities with benefits for society and the environment: planting trees, collecting garbage and cleaning the territory, helping the elderly, disabled, socially vulnerable categories of the population and other charitable events.


How to choose a site: preparation tips

Choosing a location for team building is a very serious organizational issue, since you need to take into account all the nuances, pros and cons of the site.

What is important to consider when choosing a venue:

  • Comfort in everything. It is important to think through everything down to the smallest detail: comfortable furniture, picturesque views, moderate temperature and good ventilation (for the room), absence of distractions (for example, construction next door).

  • Capacity. Team building for a team of 20 people and, for example, for 150 people require completely different conditions and space.

  • Thoughtful change of locations, organized transport. In the case of an offsite event, ensure that all participants know when, where and how they need to get there, so that there are no time delays and “lost” employees. It is better to arrange a transfer in advance.

  • Technical capabilities. If the concept requires good sound, light, Internet, the use of gadgets and plasma screens, then it is important to study the capabilities of the proposed site in advance, supply it with everything necessary or adjust the program.

  • Nutrition. None of the participants will refuse a light buffet, and if the event is long, then organizing a full lunch is mandatory. In this case, it is convenient to use catering services.

  • Weather. It is imperative to take into account the weather forecast, as well as be safe in case of unexpected rain, so that all guests have a place to hide.

Key trends for 2019

Corporate management quickly responds to changing public interests and demands. Therefore, the sphere of team building should always be “on the wave”, reflect everything that is interesting to society at the moment, what worries it, what influences it, what problems it faces. Let's look at the current trends of 2019 for team building:

  • Globalization. This is a unification of team building participants at the global level, erasing boundaries, time, distance, language and cultural barriers. It can be expressed in the creation of intercultural teams (with participants of different nationalities), virtual teams (at a distance, connected by modern means of communication), short-term project teams (to solve one problem), multiteams (active participation in several work groups at once), cross-functional teams (bringing together specialists from different fields).

  • Increased attention to environmental issues. This trend has been leading trends for several years and is manifested in all areas of human activity. Environmental protection and the search for development strategies are manifested in environmental team building. The profound positive effect is due to the fact that the common idea of ​​global significance unites the team more than any rules or regulations. It can be expressed in the planting of seedlings, cleanup work, actions to protect endangered species, updating the issue of recyclable materials, etc.

  • Socialization of team building. Social and public tasks become the basis of teamwork. This is help in solving the problems of homelessness, illiteracy, and the fight against HIV and other diseases. The implementation of such projects helps the entire team and each participant personally feel the significance of the work performed.

  • The growing role of technology in human life. The need to master technological innovations can manifest itself in Hi-Tech team building, for example, extreme training or quests using GPS equipment, photo navigation, Internet resources, and mobile communications.

  • Attention to disasters and natural disasters. Disaster simulation to mobilize the strength and skills of the team to work in extreme conditions (for example, firefighter, technogenic team building, disaster situation, etc.).

  • Feminization. This trend may manifest itself in the creation of women's teams for performance testing both in neutral areas and in purely male activities.

  • The desire for new experiences and impressions. Cognitive interest, acquaintance with the new, unknown, immersion in a radically different area to broaden the horizons of employees come to the fore.

  • Personalization. This is an emphasis not only on teamwork, but also on individual growth and personality development. This is an emphasis on increasing everyone’s self-esteem and awareness of their importance in the common cause.

  • Powerful emotions. The growing demand for high-extreme team building activities will continue. Although this type of team building will not become a leader due to high risks and dangers. Also in this area there will be an emphasis on the development and management of the team’s emotions (emotional management) in extreme conditions, team energy.

Of course, new trends will not appear out of nowhere: they will interact with the usual forms of implementation, update them, gradually displacing irrelevant ones.

Sports team building will still be popular, only the emphasis will be increasingly on extreme sports and the natural environment. Creative team building activities will not lose their relevance, among which new items will be “scenario” forms (for example, “composite picture”), the use of decorative elements and art performances.

The Aventura event agency has extensive experience in conducting such team building events. We will be happy to help you choose the appropriate form of holding, take care of all organizational issues, draw up a script, prepare the site and hold the event at a decent level. All you have to do is take an active part in the action and observe the results in the form of well-coordinated teamwork.

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