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Organization of business events For more than 10 years, the Aventura event agency has been organizing business events that help our
Organization of sporting events Today, a corporate sports event is an opportunity for the whole team at any time of the year
Organization of a corporate event in the Moscow region While in the capital it is either too hot or very dirty, a special atmosphere reigns outside the Moscow Ring Road.
Organization of MICE events in Moscow MICE events are professional events in the business industry. The abbreviation MICE itself
Organization of team building in nature Contrary to popular belief, team building in nature can be organized at any time of the year and even in
Organization of summer team building in Moscow Summer team building is the most popular format of team events. Sun, warm air,
Family day or family day is a corporate holiday format that allows you to get to know employees better and increase loyalty to
A motor ship corporate event is much more than a classic walk on the water with a banquet. As part of such an event, you can
Organizing a corporate event in nature A corporate event outside the city is an opportunity to take a break from the bustle of the city and give employees
Organizing a summer corporate party Summer corporate parties are an excellent opportunity to combine a fun holiday in an open space and
Every organization has two most important events on which its corporate culture largely rests. The first important date is
Organizing a turnkey corporate event A corporate event is one of the most diverse formats for meeting the work team for any reason and
A sports corporate event is a way to spend time in a team with pleasure and benefit. The office work day usually goes by
A ropes course is a training course consisting of a chain of tasks for a small group of people. During most of the training, people are connected by rope and
Chemist's Day is a corporate holiday for chemical industry workers. Everyone who has connected their life with the study of this science,
Preparations for the corporate party on March 8 begin immediately after the corporate party on February 23. You can congratulate the female half of the team
Online corporate events are a modern trend that captures the attention of companies every day. Celebrating March 8th online is
Organizing an online corporate event for February 23 Remote work has brought many companies to a new level. Conducting thematic
Team building is a corporate event aimed at uniting the team. Team building helps to unite the team, increase
An interactive event that includes virtual and personal presence of guests. At the same time, online viewers are full-fledged
Organizing a corporate party on February 23, Defender of the Fatherland Day, is an excellent occasion to congratulate your colleagues, relax, take a break from
Business breakfast #SEO_BLOCK_288# Business breakfasts are popular because they are the most atypical format for a business meeting. Beret
Briefings are needed to communicate important information related to your business. Briefings are also given by political figures,
Organizing Theme Parties Theme parties are popular entertainment that helps you feel different
Outdoor recreation where it is clean and fresh. A trip to the lake shore with ice skating or a trip to a forest base. Country atmosphere
Videoconferencing has been a trend for the last two years. In the real world, it is quite difficult to gather a large number of people in one place. To
Does your company occupy a huge space? Do people work in different cities and countries and don’t know each other? Many divisions
Organization of winter team building Team building is organized team games and competitions in nature. The event takes place on
An online meeting for colleagues could previously become a routine task. An online corporate event will be a pleasant surprise for those who work
The opening of a new outlet is a big event for business. It’s difficult to make a name for yourself and attract attention, but the festive opening is the main thing
Organizing press conferences in Moscow Moscow is a city of opportunities and holding business events requires high professionalism.
Organizing a New Year's corporate party in nature Get the opportunity to escape from the working atmosphere and spend the whole day outdoors
Accountant's Day is an unofficial holiday, but it is celebrated for several days! November 10th is International Accountant's Day. 21
Every year, Energy Engineer's Day is celebrated on December 22. And many industry workers prefer to combine a professional holiday with a new one
Online events are a new type of event that are gaining popularity due to their mobility, convenience and atypicality. IN
Forums and seminars are large-scale business events that will allow you to reach a large interested audience in Moscow. By this
Exhibitions in modern business are widely used to present their services and products. Exhibitions help promote business,
A conference is a business event that is aimed at promoting your business, presenting products and services, attracting
Organizing a corporate party A corporate party is an event where you can relax with colleagues without thinking about work tasks. Its useful
Holding a New Year's corporate party The holidays are just around the corner and it is necessary to organize something interesting and captivating for everyone